ANZAC Day 2025

Getting well ahead of myself but I am wanting to tick a large item off my bucket list by taking my son to ANZAC Day. 2025 is hopefully the year.

I am looking for tips on accommodation and best way to get tickets early.

We would be flying down from Brisbane. Looking at doing Dawn service, Ess vs Pies and Storm vs ??. Huge day but a big dream of mine.
Hoping for accommodation night before and night after. Will visit my parents in Ballarat before heading down to Melbourne.

Please fire away with tips, hints, dos and don’ts, etc, etc


2025 is Klan home game.

Always much more of a pain in the arse to get a ticket.

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best chance is restricted viewing release the week before the game.

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Done this a few times

  • Dawn Service
  • Find Somewhere for breakfast
  • March
  • Pub for Lunch
  • Footy
  • Storm

If you’re happy to pay a little extra there are usually good tickets available but I wouldn’t wait too much longer

Where can I find them please?

I was able to get a ticket last year top of the GS stand, not even a member so it might not be as hard as you think to get one

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lol ignore me, I’m an idiot :grin:

I thought you were looking for 2024