ANZAC Day Game Watch Along - 2005 - Tonight @ 7.30

Need to split up the 10 day break somehow.

Voting closes 5pm Wednesday

  • 1995
  • 2005
  • 2009
  • 2013

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And 2005 wins by “rounding method”

Can remember Dad, my brother and I being one of the last through the gates of the old Ponsford in 1995. Never saw anything like it before and after, the sheer amount of people. Yes there was 95k in the ground but there was easily enough 45k milling around outside.


Didn’t expect 2013 to take the early lead

I don’t know if I’ve ever watched 2005 apart from live

One of Hirds masterclasses.

Have also only ever seen it live

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2 votes in it between 2013 and 2005.

Tonight folks!

And just 1 vote between 13 and 05!

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4 mins for 05 to pip 13 at the post!

Does 05 win via rounding method?



I’ll go with that

If it’s 05 I’m so there girlfriend

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So @Davo gets his wish and the Time Machine is off to 2005


  • Fire up your video at 7.30
  • Pause as the siren goes to end each 1/4
  • 10 Min break after each 1/4
  • Post as if you’re watching live
  • If you must discuss somthing that breaks the rules use spoiler tags
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Zantuck has been a good recruit so far



Haynes will have a breakout season

The capitulation against Geelong last week in the second half was atrociously bad. How can we be leading by 20 points yet lose by 58!?

In fact the first month has been extremely underwhelming. Blowing a 28 point last quarter lead against the Blues & just beating the Hawks in the final minutes by 2 points (I mean, they even have a new coach… the Port assistant from last year, no name Alistair Clarkson) …

This has to be a win otherwise a long season awaits. Although I fear, whatever the result, it may just temporarily paper over the cracks.

Apparently Cloke is going to debut for Collingwood. He’s the best of the brothers - or so they say…


That Geelong game, ■■■■■■■ Kent Kingsley

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Sheedy is looking very outdated.

We should be looking at bringing Bomber Thompson back from Geelong.


Dunno, I see alot a Tim Watson coach mode with Bomber?

Don’t think its going to work.

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Yeah, and I don’t think Gary Ablett Jr is going to ever be more than just a handy player.