ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


Was he tho? 2 tackles, 10 touches and the the lowest rated player on the ground in terms of fantasy points, works hard but that’s about it atm

I love the bloke but it’s time to give another bloke a go.


Smith and Zaka in,

Bags and Myers out.


Injuries will come into play. Both belcho and Walla were getting work done during the game.


Sure - but I wouldn’t sacrifice Smith playing that role. So who does it if Bags goes out?

Forward line is working - I reckon keep it as is.


Blitz pls. VFL finishes by 2pm tomorrow.

closed #27

VFL team win by 94, LAV kicks six from mix of forward and mid.

Go nuts.

opened #28


In - LAV





6 goals - bring him in for bags.


OUT: Bagman, Ham, Myersy
IN: Lav, Zaka, Smith


This makes sense. Perfect changes


One thing worth noting is we are at full strength. The arguement can be made for smack, but we have a very, very best 22 to choose from.


Yes, it is quite a rare situation we find ourselves in. Possibly only Mckernan you could make a case for being in our best line-up but the way the forward line is functioning with the personnel in there at the moment it’s neither here nor there.

No excuses. We should be up for this.


It’s a huge game even when we are ■■■■, but now that we have strung some wins together…by golly is this one gonna be massive.

In: Smith, Zaharakis
Out: Ham, bags


Hmmm, maybe DJR will lock this until 2pm


Now you’ve done it, delete before old man David J Richardson sees this.




Cue the Sidebottom in goalsquare memes