ANZAC Round 2021 Non Essendon Games

GWS vs Footscray
GC vs Bin Chickens
Geelong vs West Coast
FC vs Brisbane
Melbourne vs Richmond
Freo vs North
Hawthorn vs Adelaide
Port vs St Kilda

Freo vs north :heart_eyes:


Hope the Saints lose by 80 again.
Bonus if Fat Boy Ryder comes back in, so he can be booooo’d by the Port fans (no idea if he’s ready).

I’ll be vaguely barracking for Joe to plummet the Blues supporters into comfortably numb levels of reality.

Genuinely interested to see if this Melbourne team can actually challenge a bona fide football side.

Not sure GWS can get the points, but man I’m envious of their midfield division even with Whitfield, Cogs & DeBoer missing.
If we could only get a Clean Tom Green type player, Nino would finally SHUT UP.

Just kidding, Nino will never SHUT UP.

Could not give 2 sh*ts about the other games, but I’ll probably watch them coz I’ve got nothing better on :smiley:


GWS/Dogs and Tigs/melb will be interesting watches.

Our game, albeit not with any ladder hype, shapes as an important one for both teams.

Good weekend of footy.

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Melbourne and Richmond is huge. If the Dees win they might actually be the real deal (I know, I’m scared too)


Nah, means ■■■■ all cause both sides are cooked for the year.

Game of the round. Dees certain finalists IMO, they’ll take Saints spot, probably one more up for grabs if somebody actually wants to take it.

Reckon the Tigers will probably assert themselves on Saturday night, it’s just what they do when they come up against a genuine challenger.

Pfft, feel free not to watch.

It means heaps to a developing Essendon and lots to a bunch of ferals on the way down.

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Would mean a huge amount if we won it for sure. You’re totally right.

Reckon you’re overstating the importance of this game to our development by an order of magnitude… What does it mean if we lose this week and win the next? Or vice versa?

Trend of development is what’s important for us, growth and improvement over a longer period, rather than one isolated game.

I love the day, what it represents, and that my club is fortunate enough to play on it in a showpiece event every year, but this game doesn’t have a great deal of importance for either club apart from the tradition of the game. That’s a sad reflection on where each club is at, no doubt.

No Thursday night footy can eat a bag of ducks.

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The Dees v Tigers game has come at the absolute right time for Melbourne. 5-0 start, big occasion with Anzac Eve, up against the competition yardstick. Great litmus test to see where they are really at. Have they just profited from a cushy schedule or are they the real deal? Saturday Night will go a long way towards answering that.

Other games I like:

Giants v Dogs - Are GWS really back in town after 2 impressive wins on the bounce, or will the Dogs put them back in their place? I suspect the latter…

Blues v Lions - Loser goes to 2-4. Lions lose and that’s a major contender behind the 8-ball an a top 4 spot slipping away. Blues lose and more pressure heaped on Teague and the players.

Cats v Eagles - Geelong looking very vulnerable, not all that convincing against lowly North. West Coast couldn’t ask for a better time to travel to the Cattery and knock them off.

We need the blues to win

Anyone give the giants a sniff tonight?

GWS will belt the dogs tonight.

Bookmark this.

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Lockdown in WA forces AFL game to have no crowds at Dockers/ norf clash.

I give them a chance. Buckley’s chance

Gives North the edge.