Artificial Intelligence: should we or shouldn’t we?

That seemed scarily animate to me.

This is what the Germans call “demonstration effect”. The gadget or tool works perfectly each and every time you do it yourself, but when in front of an audience…it fails…for no reason…

When we will be able to set Siri or Google assistants against each other on some end less drivel. Ie they dont realise they are talking to themselves.

Ie Much like most of blitz?

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o p mm o mPi p p

I call it "the opposite of the Singing Frog Syndrome’.
Or ‘TootSFS’ for short.

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the flip side to that is having something not work, call in the repair person, they come and it’s working

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Sooo…it’s a yes from me!


I’m currently at a conference and most of it is about AI. It’s not that scary, it just has to developed, controlled and maintained properly.

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The Germans call that;

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Oohh watch I am Mother, nice bridge gap between AI and humanity

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short vid (2 min) on AI being used to learn(ings) hide and seek strategies.

We are sooooo screwed


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