ASUS Laptop - Webcam help *urgent*

Hi All,

Ive got an ASUS Laptop R552J. Unfortunately sometime ago the built-in webcam stopped working and everytime i try and use it i get the following msg:

It doesnt work with facebook, viber, skype or anything related and im in need for it for future interviews i may have.

The Webcam no longer appears in device manager either.

I’ve googled, searched, prayed, done groovy dances but haven’t been able to find any kind of solution/s and even did so with the error code. I’ve tried different drivers too, but i think the correct ones would be ASUS generic drivers???

During all of the above, id also noted that some people had experienced difficulties after the windows 10 update.

Really in need of some pro tech help from anyone on here who could help solve this problem? Would be so greatly appreciated…

Windows 10 eh?? A pox on any computer it is.

Have you tried searching for “New Hardware” to see if it will "find " it again?

Had a similar issue with my ASUS sound when I upgraded to Windows 10.

Had to go back to Windows 7 to fix it.

It’s probably overheated. Just stick it in the fridge for a while.


Give it a belt on the side.

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I did that.
Water got into the spongey bit inside and munted it.
Had the screen popping out.

Edit: Actually, in deference to Bomb Doe, I should say I wimmed it.

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haha some gold comments there

thanks for the feedback and hilarity fellas lol - yeah tried searching for new hardware and even system restore but windows 10 had it’s way with that as well!

yeah ive had temptations to fridge it, knock it about and even bbq it - front window was in danger at one stage too

ill give that driver easy guide a go and see what happens…


Sacrifice a 16 day old lamb and perform the dance ritual of ahkmen rah

The best advice is to dump winows 10 in the shittter where it belongs, and revert back to Win 7 64 bit.

It’s been heaven since I did.

Did you turn it off and on again??

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That’s for an Acer, not an ASUS! Rookie error.
You want a two year-old goat, and the ritual of Marduk, Slayer of Serpents!


maybe the cameras dead.

Lens cap?

Nine time out of Ten it’s the operator, i trust this helps.