Australia’s Black History


Yep. All that Gina cuddling you guys do.
I really wouldn’t boast about that.


I thought current theory was that they probably walked here, as PNG and the malay peninsula was linked to FNQ at that point.
Which is probably even more impressive.


Recently, there was an editorial that an archelogical dig has found cooking utensils and other things, suggesting our first nation people have probably been here about 120,000 years.
Maybe its time we started listening to our fxirstd nation people and get some ideas of how to look after country because as sure as hell, our Governments local and federal - have no clue.


And it’s 2019…

Btw, that’s Joe Williams the former NRL player and boxer. He is in too much of the public eye to risk posting bullshit


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I’m not surprised, that’s the worst thing about it.


What an absolute disgrace, what is wrong with people in this country??? Sorry I asked a question to myself that I already know the answer to. So sad this is still happening.

I hope your friends and family come through the cyclone and are o.k.


Would like to know if the evacuation authorities commandeered hotel accomodation and were responsible for the allocation of rooms.
Also if it is paying the hotel costs


Man it’s embarrassing how little regard this nation has for its first peoples.


We, the Australian people are a callous, cruel and ignorant bunch. I hope this begins
to change soon and that the proper history of this country is taught in the education system.


There was a really educational show on NITV last Monday night. I can’t remember the name but I’ll try and find out. It discussed the Coranderrk site on Wurundjeri country. How it formed with Simon Wonga and William Barak. I knew a bit of the history but not the whole story. I was ashamed that i didn’t know this history and horrified that we can’t be honest about the treatment of our first Australians.
We need this stuff taught in schools and a 'something ’ to get all the good and bad stuff out in the open. Then treaty!


Just finished reading 'Dark Emu (new edition) by Bruce Pascoe. It gives a different story to what I was taught about the early white days in Australia. It uses the early explorers actual notes, diaries and reports to tell how life was before white times.

Well worth a read to get a better understanding for some of the feeling of dispossession of our first peoples. In my view we need to have a treaty as soon as possible.


Dark Emu is a seriously mindblowing book (even though it has a silly title).


Have you read “Why weren’t we told be Henry Reynolds?” I had to read the book as I was doing Indigenous studies at Uni. He told the history as it was and not what the powers that be wanted us to hear. I had certainly never read anything quite like it.

The next paper I wrote was very different. The Lecturer called me into his office and handed me the essay and said there were places marked that I needed to alter and return it to him.
I looked at the paper and then at him and said, I’m leaving it the way it is.

He said you have strayed into Politics and that’s not what I asked for. I smirked and said, Its what I’ve researched and written and its a truthful history. Unlike the lies which we’ve been peddled for the last 100 years.

I wondered if he would fail me. I got a B+ I think he was trying it on to see if I would buckle. He told me I was to passionate about the topic. I said, why wouldn’t I be, my father is indigenous. He said nothing further.


I suppose that’s the handy thing about having a treaty in place


Every time I see the Australian flag now It just looks like the rebels flag. I think it started after the Cronulla riots, and the image of white ■■■■■■ Caucasions screaming for blood of another race made me think nothings really changed in 230 years.

Racism is ingrained to the point that most people don’t know it, so dont feel it, so don’t do anything about it.

I’m ashamed to say I’m a white Australian. I just don’t identify.


I wonder if anyone’s ever asked Gillian McLachlan how his squatter forbears got their land ?


Batman McLaughlin.


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How do we think they got it? It certainly wasn’t given to them gratis by the Crown.