Australian Politics, Mark II


Ironically, the Tories support the strongest union in the country, the lawyers. And their zeal to direct taxpayers’ money into private pockets naturally leads to their mates in this sector getting richer.


Until we start seeing bankers being thrown in jail we’re not going to get any tangible results. This will happen again, some BS recommendations will be thought of and the cycle starts again.

Throw. Them. In. Jail.


Yep, especially the guys down at NAB, they were the worst of the worst. None of them will though.


Polls are tightening. Somehow. If they keep doing so this place is broken beyond repair.


I am the biggest pessimist about elections, but Labor will win in a Huge Landslide. Liberals are totally farked and they know it.


Then I’d like to know who these people are who get polled about who they’re going to vote for and change their minds on Election Day. I don’t doubt it happens but if you haven’t made your mind up yet… oh, what am I saying. The fight for the swing voter has always been about selling something to the person who hasn’t been paying attention.


The margin of error on polling is 2-3 %. This most of the changes you see aren’t actual underlying changes but rather just different pollls getting the same result within the margin of error.


Yeah, I’m aware of the margin of error. The thing about this is that the Newspoll and the Guardian Essential polls have followed each other over the last few months almost exactly. That would indicate a trend. Also, if this is within the 3% margin of error that could mean an election win for the LNP on a 2PP basis.


I don’t trust polls. Never have, never will, think they are used to paint something for a reason, not be objective.

That’s just me.


Don’t jinx it.


What were the polls showing before the Vic State election? Certainly nowhere near a landslide.

I could only see rednecks of Qld, NSW and WA voting LNP, and i think they’ll get smashed in the cities.


Internal labor polls did, we just could not believe it. Our polls in WA and Qld show the same.


Anyone seen Scummo since the RC was handed down?

Dead set, the guys worse than Abbott.


Apparently he’s claimed that he alone is responsible for the Royal Commission.

It seems that telling massive porky pies is not a sin in Happy Clappery down in the Shire.

Oh…and it’s all Labor’s fault.

Mile Carlton excoriating him on Twitter. I don’t think Mike likes the Libs.


So it’s safe to assume he’s above the intellect of a Potato then?



Yep, he’s touring the NQ floods in a camo jacket, buying up as many votes as he can while the locals are in shock


But don’t mention climate change.


The floods are clearly retribution for voting YES on SSM


The thing is, I don’t think he realises he is lying, I think he genuinely believes the stuff that comes out of his mouth.