Australian Politics, Mark II

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Sequels nearly always tend to disappoint.

Look at it like a three year term, for some Governments it seems to drag on forever.

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Is this thread a sequel, a prequel or a reboot though? The Star Wars prequels were ghastly, The Force Awakens and Solo were ok, Rogue One was very good, and The Last Jedi was vomit mixed with faeces, but none of them held a candle to the original trilogy. But then again, Aliens and T2 were as good as, if not better than the originals. The Red Dawn reboot was rubbish compared to the original, and I’m not even sure where the last Mad Max fit into the story.

What was the topic again?


What ever trip wants it to be

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Income tax cuts have passed the Senate.

They seem to have been passed in the expectation that stage 3 will be repealed before it comes into effect.

Meh, it’s all good. Pauline Hanson will just print more money.


The plan would completely delete one of the tax brackets so everyone earning between $41k and $200k is taxed at the same marginal rate of 33 per cent.

Great work - I would say most of Australia falls into that band. Now increase the GST

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Completely disagree - will be next to impossible to reverse now. With an ageing population and a growing deficit, where’s this extra money going to come from to fund increasing costs of services? Or do you believe the fairytale that there will be an influx of businesses set up in australia attracted by the reduced company tax? This in turn will help add money to government coffers to replace that lost from reduced income tax.


It’s a perfect play from the LNP as far as they are concerned. I’m sure they are feeling really clever. It gives LNP governments in the future the ability to say we can’t afford to spend on pensions, on welfare, on education, on health, on the ABC, on Medicare, on foreign aid, or any other thing they have some deranged philosophical objection too.


Spot on. That’s the IPA holy grail.

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So, that’s it.
The ALP is done for another term.

All the Hunners are going to believe what they read in the tabloids and hear on 2GB and 3AW, and the ALP is done.
And Ruddard the friggin’ ■■■■ did one thing in his return to office, and that was to prevent the ALP from throwing a dead fish onto the bitumen.
Well done him.

Shorten may be a lovely bloke, but he couldn’t rabble-rouse a cricket team to go to the pub at 6:30pm.

If you’re gonna beat the media, you have to stand for something.
What does he stand for?
Turnbull is as weak as American beer, he ■■■■■■ the NBN, he ■■■■■■ the Republic, he was soooooo on the wrong side of the equal marraige debate which really should have counted for something, but it doesn’t.
Because Shorten is a weak squib.
And he’ll always be a weak squib.
And I wouldn’t follow him into a 7-11 if he said they were giving away free squishies.