Australian Politics, Mark II


Haha, had to share this one:

ScuMo was a marketing guy
His pitches were a crock
He put Australia on the map
As a global laughing stock

ScuMo became an Immigration man
He stopped the boats and more
He likes the country nice and white
So had to watch the shore

ScuMo was the treasurer
Who liked to Cook the books
Two plus two made five for him
And all the banking crooks

ScuMo is the PM now
A vacant baseball-capped fool
I hope the nation wields its baseball bats
To end this eejit’s rule


But wait, what’s this?

A well reasoned article saying that “polluters should pay” a tax to reduce carbon emissions. And it even won a prize for its author!

Who was this author hypocrite? Could it be someone that wanted to be the “best environment Minister”?


Never heard of the term eejit before - guess it can word of the day for me. Bonus is that it will be forever associated with Scummo in my mind :joy:


Haha… I also use a term “knee jet” to overcome swear filters.

“Knee jet” as in “ScuMo is a farkin knee jet”


So this is what we have become. Labor supported the independent bill in the Senate which rightly leaves medical decisions concerning refugees to qualified doctors rather letting it become the whim of political agendas- get that VOTED for the bill- but now is looking to backtrack because an election is looming and they fear a racist backlash. Why the ■■■■ would anyone vote for such a gutless bunch of ■■■■■■■■?
Where is a leader like Bob Brown when we need him? So depressingly predictable.


Be pragmatic about it - why give Libs any political ammunition this close to an election? It’ll be passed as soon as ALP form government.


I wish I believed that.


You don’t think they’ll pass it when surely the inevitable happens?


I think an ALP govt will want to talk about immigration as little as possible, because it divides their party and voter base right up the middle. Worth remembering that the ALP introduced the current system in the first place, though the libs were the ones who really perfected it into a shitheap of casual cruelty.


The only reason that ALP does this is to try to make themselves a small target. Howard identified this as a way to keep them out of government and his successors have kept that strategy going, with worse and worse outcomes. If Labor tried to oppose it strongly they would never be re-elected.

Sadly that is the real nature of politics in this country. And we have Honest Johnny and his acolytes to blame for this toxic legacy.


You never watched Ren & Stimpy?


Excuse my naivety, but let me get this right. The ALP, who set up the offshore travesty, are just pretending now and if they win they’ll reverse their policy, AGAIN, even though the Libs will hammer them mercilessly between now and the May election and demand they “SET IN STONE” their commitment to the current abuse of sick refugees, some of who have already died or suffered because of the inhumane current practice, because…because of what?? Just doesn’t make sense. Please explain how the ALP will backtrack on a policy the Libs will force them to support. I don’t get it.
Personally the idea that Bill and Co give a flying about anything other than power doesn’t make sense to me. But I’m politically too naive to see the bigger picture apparently.


It’s a simple calculation for Labor, be seen as slightly less barbaric as the Libs on refugees and lose votes to the Greens (who will preference Labor > Libs)

Or go left on refugees and lose their votes to the Liberals or ON


To quote you: "Blur Blur Blur Blur Boring boring boring . "

Read the posts above if you really want to understand the politics of the situation.

I agree Bill Shorten does not care much about anything other than Bill Shorten. But realistically no other party is going to flush out the toxic sludge that the Tories represent.


Providing sick people with proper medical care has become “going left on refugees”. At least you’re honest and not pretending the ALP will suddenly reverse policy.


“Read the posts above…” FMD. Ha ■■■■■■ ha.


To quote you Blur Blur Blur Blur Boring boring boring .


Tell you what , Cup Cake, I’ll stop reading you and you can ignore my posts. Take my commitment as read. My loss no doubt.


What labor says whilst they run and what they do if they get elected are two different things.

They’ll likely return to their original position once they’ve been elected.


Could be right, the proposed Malaysian solution the High Court knocked back was never part of Labor’s pre-election policy.
Racist runs on the board.