Australian Politics, Mark II


so fecked


Yep. Disgraceful.


Isn’t there legislation to protect whistleblowers in place?


Agreed that it is fcked, but the headline is misleading. He hasn’t been sentenced to 161 years in prison. The journo has simply added up all the ‘potential’ years he could face (if convicted of all 66 offences). There is no way he will receive a custodial sentence anywhere near Milat or Gargasoulas. Click bait.


Pyne and Ciobo retiring according to some reports.


I wonder if that sinking ship will be appropriated by people smugglers.

According to News Corp anyway, they’re hunting out boats of any condition in Indonesia.


And will they be built in South Australia?


What’s all the hoo-haa about Ms Gobbo’s name being released ? Sure, we knew who she was, anyway — at least anyone who wanted the info just had to do a five-minute search for it.


Just when you thought Dutton couldn’t be more of a maggot


Dutton thought he was strengthening his argument and fear mongering when talking about detainees kicking us Aussies off medical waiting lists, but forgot to mention not a single detainee has been send here for medical treatment since the legislation got passed, and the legislation is not even law yet as it hasn’t been delivered to the governor general to sign into law…massive lols.

What an unpolished turd.


How many have come in under the current system?
Any evidence of medical treatment being deferred because of the so called medical queue jumpers?


Even if true and they were impacting waiting lists and times, perhaps if we didn’t keep them in inhumane and unhealthy conditions they wouldn’t need hospitalisation





Every time you think this pack of arsewipes could not sink any lower, … they still manage to somehow achieve it. Fmd.


If our entire hospital system couldn’t handle an extra 70 patients, then we need to ask the politicians why they have allowed things to get to such a terrible state. Heaven help us if we were to have a plane crash, or a train crash, or a viral outbreak, etc etc etc. I’d say the government would need to go.

Mr Potato Head really need to think things through a bit more before he opens his ignorant, vile little mouth. Idiot.


Scummo and his shitkicker squad have changed their debating interviewing tactics recently. They’re now using a technique called the “Gish Gallop.” Here’s how Wikipedia describes it:

The Gish gallop is a technique used during debating that focuses on overwhelming an opponent with as many arguments as possible, without regard for accuracy or strength of the arguments. The term was coined by Eugenie Scott and named after the creationist Duane Gish, who used the technique frequently against proponents of evolution.

During a Gish gallop, a debater confronts an opponent with a rapid series of many specious arguments, half-truths, and misrepresentations in a short space of time, which makes it impossible for the opponent to refute all of them within the format of a formal debate. In practice, each point raised by the “Gish galloper” takes considerably more time to refute or fact-check than it did to state in the first place. The technique wastes an opponent’s time and may cast doubt on the opponent’s debating ability for an audience unfamiliar with the technique, especially if no independent fact-checking is involved or if the audience has limited knowledge of the topics.

Generally, it is more difficult to use the Gish gallop in a structured debate than in a free-form one. If a debater is familiar with an opponent who is known to use the Gish gallop, the technique may be countered by pre-empting and refuting the opponent’s commonly used arguments first, before the opponent has an opportunity to launch into a Gish gallop.


Can not read a room (or do research)


I saw Angus Taylor do it on Insiders, and Morrison on 7.30.

It’s the sort of thing that turns me off accepting a single one of their arguments, even if true.


Ive been doing that long before they adopted this tactic