Australian Politics, Mark II


If this followed Morrison’s SOP in his best shorty voice he’d call the lady “A LIAR” for stating she was Korean.

And then state that he didn’t actually use the Chinese term directed at her, was commenting on his dumpling.


You’ve got my vote Jac


@Deckham @JohnRain I think we know who would get along with her.




Why did you do this to me, PP?
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I wanted you to post your favourite picture. And knew you don’t read the thread to see the opportunity




There it is!


Ie. “I’m sorry that people took offence to my comments. But I still believe the comments that I made”


And today at the Lib launch he says…

I made comment yesterday obviously in relation to it, I regret having said the words I said,” Mr Dutton told reporters at an LNP rally in Brisbane on Sunday.

And is then quoted as saying

Mr Dutton said voters in his seat were angry that Ms France was using her disability as an “excuse” for not moving into the electorate.


"ken 'ell!!

Donate to Get Ups Get Dutton fund people.

Dig deep, & give till it hurts. This pig HAS to go.


Don’t forget Scumo refused to acknowledge that Dutton had intended what he, well, obviously intended, in between Dutton’s double down and eventual ‘apology’. As pointed out by Bazza Cassidy this morning. No surprise, but what a ■■■■ organisation they are


I love the way they’re launching into Plibersek over her doubts that Adani would meet their job commitments.

Adani has a very shifty history and I seriously doubt that they would ever tell the truth.

She was slagging Adani…not all Indians.


Lawyers at ten paces…

This might have legs.


Doesn’t really matter to me. I can’t stand him.


But is this a prudent use of power ? Theoretically all countries could do the same and it’d be a dog’s breakfast. Anyway a country can refuse an extradition request.


Many countries have claimed extra-territorial jurisdiction, generally on national security grounds and on the whole attached to their nationals. More recently Australia has extended its powers to cover bribery and corruption of foreign officials ( connected to concerted efforts by OECD members) and paedophilia by Australians abroad, on the basis that the crimes are crimes under Australian law.
As to the US being prudent, the issue was contentious domestically, eventually using the practice of a special clause in legislation.
Decisions on extradition will be governed by the terms of the bilateral extradition treaties between the parties, interpreted against the law of the country considering requests for extradition. In the case of the UK it could need to take account of its commitments under the European Human Rights Convention (a non-EU treaty), including whether those obligations might override the express terms of the bilateral extradition treaty.


The same lawyer who was found by a court to have made allegations without any basis in evidence.
I note the reference to social media - just as well your link did not work.
Waiting for Dutton to cite his sources for all those people in his electorate who are angry that Ali France does not live in the electorate - otherwise, it has the status of fake news.


The electorate should vote on it.


Not clear of Shorten ads while watching the baseball. Thought it might be a safe haven from politics.

Might have to watch via

Same ad every inning change. Gets repetitive.