Australian Politics, Mark II


Oh, the poor accountants… I’m sure the electorate will be rushing to defend them.

While we’re at it, lets make sure the lawyers and parking inspectors are giving the respect they deserve as good honest battlers.

$300 per hour, my heart bleeds at the possibility they might be capped at 10 hours of overcharging.

You know what you could buy for $300? A nice Daytrip somewhere.


Same. Was it the “Bill Australia Can’t Afford” one?


It’s the people struggling to get by on just ten hours accountancy for their personal income before they pay a single cent that I feel sorry for.
Is there a gofundme account I can donate to?
I’m sure all the waitresses and teachers and retail and call centre workers will get right behind this.


Precisely. The proposal is to limit the tax deduction to $3,000 I believe.

There are already other similar instances. There is a limit to political donations made by taxpayers deriving business income to political parties, independent members and independent candidates - these are are not deductible. However, individuals not deriving business income are able to claim a deduction for tax purposes up to a maximum deduction of $1,500.


Find it interesting that the AEC is doing a big campaign on how to spot misinformation.


Frydenberg and Hunt get exposed by their own Departmennts for misrepresenting their papers as costings of ALP policies.
Brian Fisher will be releasing one after Easter on ALP energy policies - rumours of estimates of 10k job losses. Fisher claiming that the study was not requested by the LNP - but who funded it?
A lot of these arguments could be clarified by using the resources of the Parliamentary Budget Office during the caretaker period , but then, under caretaker arrangements, the PBO publishes the requests and responses before polling day.


ScuMo, Lyinturd and Co have fully teamed with Murfoch for a 5 week disinformation SuperFest.

I knew it would be bad, … but this time it is completely over the top, and is sure to get worse.

Jeezuz they are desperate.


Bill waffles a lot but says very little. Expect more of this in the coming weeks, when pressed they have no idea what they are talking about.

Just like when Bowen was telling lies about the tax savings Negative Gearing changes would bring. Quoted that 95% of NG benefit is for existing properties, when it is closer to 50%. Turns out his costing model was bogus, then throws the ABS under the bus and have since pulled the policy from their website.


So the DayTripper has returned again under another canny disguise !

@dingus is correct again


What I expect in the coming weeks is for the Coalition to get smashed.
And Queensland to be a basket case, but you just can’t help some people.


I probably would have preferred that negative gearing be allowed on ONE property, two if total income from all sources is under a decent threshold, and three or more is just tax evasion.

And i’d be sorting out family trusts too. ■■■■ ‘em if they’re used for tax evasion. All beneficiaries must have a TFN.

And all income from pensions to be declared on tax returns, whether tax free or not. There are a lot of benefits that should be declared on total income (including salary sacrifice super and fringe benefits) rather than taxable income.


One property would massively advantage rich people. If you had the means you could negatively gear a property in toorak meanwhile others use a property in an outer suburban estate.


Well, cap the benefit then, so it doesn’t.


Also billboards in Brunswick.

We’re getting mail from Cory Bernadi. In a seat that is either Labor or Greens. Why waste your money?


In a crowded competition for the lunatic right winger vote, Bernardi’s only way of making himself noticed is to be awful enough that lefties hate him vocally. He’ll be crossing his fingers that if he makes the right enemies annoyed enough, he’ll peel off a few % of the one nation vote, or at least their preferences.

Bernardi’s revolutionary new Conservative party ain’t exactly blazing a brilliant trail of success in Canberra. He can’t have much cash for advertising or many volunteers. This might be the only way he can get publicity.


Coming up with election ads these days must be the easiest job in the world. Say whatever you want. Almost no one fact checks. And even if they do, no one cares.

Billboard on the Westgate says that Labor’s tax plan will cost $200 billion
Me, an intellectual: number sounds totally made up, disregard
Other Westgate drivers who, judged by ability to merge and lane change, are idiots: oh no where am I going to come up with $200 billion?

ALP do the same thing. Morrison has cut fkn whatever number from education/health/handjobs/blah blah blah. Meaningless.



The Charter of Budget Honesty was supposed to resolve that, but the Parliamentary Budget Office ( which costs all parties election policies) does not release its fiscal analyses until after the elections ( except if requests are made during the caretaker period)


Yeah but it’s the economy of the environment.

If the environment has a go it’ll get a fair go.


Also no one reports on it, and no one reads it.

It could come out in August that the $200b figure is total bullsht but it won’t have any consequence whatsoever.