Australian Politics, Mark II



Already there mate


Having worked on resource projects with some of the biggest oil and mining companies int he world have had discussions with resource people who told me they generally spend as much as it takes to get the project into production once they commit, then cut the employment and all other costs to the bone after production starts.

My observation is that during construction they will say that they cannot source employees with enough experience locally, so they go to the international market to employ contractors. Theres a lot of smoke and mirrors in the way its done and a lot of deceptive salesmanship used when getting the project approved.

I am against Adani anyway. coal used for anything other than steel making should be left in the ground.


You are getting into areas where there is bipartisanship in matters of national security. It doesn’'t matter which one of themajor parties you vote for. . In any case Google probably knows more about you than the AFP, or ASIO. Which worries you more?


I’m claiming cred for picking up what you put down.


Not explicitly, but AFP guidelines require referral to the Minister in cases where the execution of a search warrant could be politically sensitive.
Curious that the terms of the AFP search warrant for the ABC of Defence documents was subject to legal scrutiny whereas the raid on the News journalist home for Home Affairs relevant papers was taken without anyone to assist her.


And he is lying because the AFP made it clear that they received a complaint within the last few days about the two issues that have now happened. AFP don’t just raid for the fun of it, it is part of a case after someone raised a complaint. The issue is who raised it and why now, frist one a year after the event and the second one 2 years after the event. Supposedly because it breaches an act from 1914 yet nothing was said until after this latest election.

The media need to go hard on this, all the media.


When there is a leak of classified material, it is standard practice for the agency owning the documents to refer it to the AFP. The issue is how far the AFP takes the investigation. There have been other document leaks which have not been pursued to this extent, including when it is apparent that the leaks have come from MInisters offices.
Such soothing words that the raids are not aimed at journalists but at the source


McBride, former Defence lawyer, passed some of the Afghan papers to ABC journos. His case comes before ACT Supreme Court on 13 June.
ABC files posted hit 15k readers earlier today.



Didn’t take long for the Assange precedent to kick in, the criminialisation and crack down on national security journalism is spreading like a virus.

We have to unite and push back against this ■■■■.

I’ll also add - the draconian espionage laws have bipartisan support.


I’m guessing I won’t surprise anyone by saying this is the direct result of voting the LIEberals back in?

Wouldn’t have dared something like this prior to the Election, but have no doubt been wanting to and stewing over it, … so as soon as they get the validation of the Public despite, or perhaps even because of their Fascist agenda, … BANG!! More rights we once held dear are completely trampled upon.


And here I was thinking that we aided in the invasion of Afghanistan to spread democratic values.


Pfft. That is not enough to even win one electorate, even if they weren’t spread all over the non-redneck electorates.


@FromOutside50 made the point above that this isn’t a labor/liberal thing. Issues like that aren’t, there are other people behind the scenes pulling the strings. Case in point, Assange, wanted by all “sides” of politics.


I would be happy if they put all the journos in jail with your mate, Jules.

I didn’t hear your whinging when they were ransacking Union offices.


If you opposed the raids on Union offices, you should oppose these too, You should show some solidarity, comrade.


So welcome to democracy!!


We try to help the yanks get all that oil and petrol still costs a fortune. What crap.


Welcome to being an American ally!!


You do realise we fought so that the US companies could get that oil? You do know US companies love to get their $$$? And not in those little A$ but in good ol’ US$.

Didn’t Honest John do us such a great deal for us involving the country in an illegal war that has (and still does) cost us billions as well as created global turmoil. Nice work there.