Automatic political correctness, (misguided)

I partook of the "grass" topic in the Dog's Breakfast forum and was astonished to see asterisks in stead of some words I used. I had to add the word grass because Australian native would not appear by itself. Also the abbreviation of Kikuyu was asterisked. It is not in the Australian idiom to use the abbreviation of kikuyu as a term for Jewish people. Why would we be precluded from using the term "Australian Native"? Seems a bit over the top.  

And I notice that Australian native gets through in this thread. Very strange.

Needs tweekin'.



EDIT: well that's OK by the looks. It's hilarious reading some forums. I bought some forks and s****s at the shop yesterday.

Needs tweekin'.


That's better.

How come v.agina is banned and ■■■■■ is not?