Backs & Back Pain. Discs of the Slipped variety etc

So, … I’m fkn over my back going out, it seems to happen easier, and easier all the time, and hence on a more regular basis.

I’ve worked on prevention, on strengthening the core etc, to try to help stabilise it, but it seems to be having little effect these days, so now, I’ve turned my thoughts more to a quick recovery from iit.

I can say that some advice I got about taking more than a few Ibuprofen ASAP after occurrence has gone some way to mitigating the initial pain, and I suspect hastens recovery somewhat, and I just had another friend who describes their issues as sounding very similar, and said a $35 Chinese massage from a mob in the local shopping centre sorted her out, which I aim to give a shot later today or tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone else here suffering similar back dramas had tried this, or if they have any other remedies that have worked for them / aided in a fast recovery from a back “Outage”.

Any input would be appreciated, as surgery with a 6 month recovery is simply not an option at this point.

Thanks in advance.

You probably need to talk to a doctor, not to a football message board!


My back gets extremely stiff if I either stand or sit for too long without moving around, or if I’m doing heavy lifting work (although I suspect this is from poor technique as much as anything). I find regular movement, even just walking around for 10 minutes helps loosen it up, or heat. I use a wheat heat-bag when I’m watching tv or laying in bed reading, or use the spa cranked up to 40°c after working/sport. I also turn the seat-warmer on in the car for long road trips. Obviously heat works for muscle soreness, not sure how effective it would be for more serious pain.

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Agree on seeing a doctor. And chiro isn’t the best long-term answer either.

I have always found Thai massage much more helpful.

Costs a little more than $35, and even if the back stills hurts, you forget about it for a “long time”


I thought Gumbleton and Licha would be extremely relevant in this thread

Just about seen them all over the journey. Doc just hands pain killers, and suggests the surgery as stated, and I fully agree,… I wouldn’t give tuppence for any of the Chiros I’ve ever seen, and gave up on them as charlatans long ago.

We have been working on it, (Doctor) hence the core strengthening etc,

One thing that does hasten recovery is a stretching bench thing they have up at our Public Hossy Physio dept, the trouble is, after I see the Doc (again) this arvo, and ask for a referral, (as you HAVE to do) and eventually get in there to use it, it’s 2 weeks and basically too late.

I’m going to try to get something of a perpetual referral from him today, and then go to the Phys Dept and suggest it only takes 1 of them 5 mins to put me in, and 5 mins to take me out of the thing, and 95% of the time, the fkr sits idle, and getting on it in a day or 2 after an event would get me healed quicker, so how about dispensing with the protocol BS, and just see me, and put me in it if & when I rock up??

It probably won’t happen, but it certainly seems way more logical to me.

I feel your pain, mine is much the same deginerated disk and I’m only in my 30s.

Heat packs help with pain, they have stick on ones now that last for a day. Not as good as a wheet or rice pack but lasts a lot longer.

I work half a week physical and half in the office. I now wear a backbrace which helps.

It’s the constant bending that kills mine, the brace helps me keep it straighter.

Anti inflams help a lot but no good long term. They actually make me feel sick now. So I can’t have them anymore.

Regular chiro used to help, but not anymore.

Stretching is probably the thing that helps the most but you need to make it routine and stick to it. Go to a physio at least once they will give you ones to Target your problem. Get a spiky ball or foam roller they help loosen it up. Pysyo will tell you how

It farking sucks living with a bad back but very common


Over the years I have been to them all; physio, chiro, osteo, massage, acupunture and even a bloke who worked on horses.

I don’t think you can label any type for charlatans though; like beer and women, some are better than others.

I go to an osteo for back issues, and the same one, refuse to accept appoint with others in the same practice as she is only one who seems to fix me. And I go to a MD who does acupunture with needles and laser for a crook neck. Both ease my pain and my neck is actually really OK after years of problems.

I think perhaps there are those who get you moving and those who actually have both repair and prevention. I have not heard of back surgery that has been 100% effective, but my realm are all old guys who are usually beyond repair anyway. That is why the Thai massage is popular; there is a wonderful place in Hua Hin that I can recommend, not sure how you would explain it to your Wife (or Partner).

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This is something I’ve thought about, and am interested in maybe pursuing.

Could you tell me what type and / or brand you are using?

Tried Yoga?

I’ve never tried acupuncture, but would jump at it if there was one down our way worth seeing.

There was once a good one on the Island I’m told, but they shut up shop about 6 months before I thought to try it & looked for one.

There is one other who was a massage & Bowen technique guy, & is newly minted in it, but I don’t trust him at all. My Brother used to see him, until he stuck a bunch of needles in him out of the blue having mistaken him for an entirely different patient, . sooo, yeah, … it’s a No from me.

I have a pinched nerve in my lower back and just spent the most horrendous painful night in my life. Think of your worst toothache running all the way down one of your legs. Went to Chiro today and feel on the way to recovery. i’m also dealing with a degenerative back and face surgery at some time. I can’t afford regular chiro or massage, but i’d use it daily if i were flush with cash.

The brand is thermoskin. It has Velcro at the front and on the sides to adjust tightness


No, not yet. It has come to mind as a prevention strategy, … but it’s just so fkn hipster now I’m not sure I could bear it :laughing:

Did try Pilates for a while, it didn’t hurt, … I suspect it was because of what Munna said, with the stretching, which I now do daily, sideways etc (can still get the knuckles to the floor on toe touches!!), and it helped for a few years, but again, these days, it seems there’s little I can do to prevent it now.

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This baby? Looks quite the unit.

Mine is Dr Ian Relf who has his main practice at the Epworth.

Suite 117
Freemasons Medical Centre
320 Victoria Pde,
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Phone (03) 9416 1154

Typical arrogant older Doctor, but he is very good at his job and doesn’t over-charge.

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That is very similar

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I feel ya! Nothing worse. I’m a tall ■■■■■■■ so know all too well back issues

But i’d assume if it keeps happening that something is out of alignment/keeps getting easily slipping out of alignment.

The spasm happens to protect the area and jams you up. So yes anti inflams and massage can help alleviate

Need to get to root cause of the issue though.

I find physios aren’t great as they don’t manipulate so it’s just muscular relief. Osteos realistically should be best option as they both spend the session massage & manipulate. Chiro’s tend to be more straight into manipulate

I however swore by my Chinese chiro for a while when it was really bad. Now if my lower back shifts I can invariably sort it myself since I know how the chiro would position me, often when you wake up after nights sleep and pressure off given laying down can adjust it. And I get regular deep tissue massage as preventative measure.

Having a strong core/being active certainly helps

Do you work in an office/sit at desk all day?

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Good for hiding the beer belly too.

I feel for you though. I have upper back/neck problems. About 3-4 times a year it goes for no reason and i can’t turn my head for a couple of days. I’ve just learned to live with it but the pain gets on top of me sometimes. Massage helps mine.

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