BBFFL#2 2014 completed trades


To kick things off:

Come Back Hirdy trades Chris Judd

to westozziebomber for his round 4 and 5 picks

Trade confirmed:


Eggs: Matthew Leuenberger - no idea how to spell

Bix: Christian Salem


Straight swap. 

Trade confirmed

Westozziebomber trades 2nd round pick

To DTD for drew petrie

Trade confirmed

Westozziebomber trades first round pick

To wezza for james kelly

The Melkman trades:

Tom Langdon + Sam Mayes + 1st rounder + 2nd rounder

To cafegerat for:

Nick Riewoldt + Brent Harvey

Trade confirmed

Don to Death trades his second round selection to

TrevorBix for Brodie Martin


Smooth trades first round pick to Bargey for Mitch Robinson (FC)

Trade confirmed

Westozziebomber trades 3rd and 6th round picks

To stoops for robert warnock and a 8th round pick

Redbull trades his 1st and 3rd round picks

To Eggs for Elliott Yeo and his 1st Round pick

wezza trades Brendon Goddard and a 4th round pick


to Eggs for Redbull's 1st round pick + Eggs' 3rd round pick.

Pazza trades Mitch Honeychurch to westozziebomber for Michael Jamison and a 9th round pick

Pazza trades a first round pick to Wezza for Sam Mitchell

Trade confirmed

Eggs trades 2nd round pick and Nick Robertson


Wezza for Matt Thomas, 7th round pick, 8th round pick, 9th round pick, 10th round pick.

Wezza trades his 1st round pick for Joe Misiti.

Let that one go through too.

TdCrew would like to announce the departure of Joe Misiti. Joe has been a great servant and we wish him well with Wezza.

Bargey trades Matt Shaw




TrevorBix for his and Don to Death's second round picks

Thanks RB. I am just going to switch him in for brad Mckenzie on my starting line up for this week.