BBFFL#2 2019 completed trades


We still need to confirm when trade period ends, but @The_Melkman and I would like to kick it off with a straight swap:

CBH receives Allen Christensen
Melk receives Blake Hardwick

Use the discussion thread to tell me what a horrible mistake I’m making - keep this one for completed trades only.


I have no idea what this thread is about, so I’ll leave this here. Human trafficking is illegal, guys. :grin:


Birchy dearest has just traded me D FOGARTY and his 5th for my 3rd. Monster trade.


Trade complete between Birch19 and The Ant.
My 3rd round pick for Libba and Birch19s 10th round pick.


DonToDeath trades pick 9
The Melkman for Hugh Greenwood and pick 30


Ivan trades pick 76
Birch19 for Jordan Cunico and pick 137.


Which 3rd round pick was involved in this?

BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion

Crazy Bomber trades 6th Round pick
Birch19 for Dean Kent and 9th Round pick


Ivan trades picks 93

To @birch19 for pick 119 and Jordan Dawson.


No. 5 Trades: Jackson Trengove (WB)


Melkman for: Jake Melksham (MELB)


Redbull trades: Picks 90 and 126


The Ant for: Picks 95,131,149 and 167


Don to Death trades Jacob Weitering and Nathan Vardy


Maxx for picks 20 and 56


No. 5 trades: Picks 25, 61 & 151


Redbull for: Anthony Miles & Picks 58 & 72


Redbull trades Picks 131


Don to Death for Pick 135 and 153


No. 5 trades Pick 58


Melkman for Brett Deledio, Luke Hodge & Pick 102