BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion




I thoroughly look forward to leading quite possibly the worst list I’ve ever seen since Pazza had the reigns, with no ruck on my list to speak of and a bunch of plodders that will struggle to make the seconds of their respective AFL sides to hand out some comprehensive beatings to TrevorBitch. I’ll be setting some big goals this year like doubling my win tally to 2 games if I get a good run with injury.


Welcome to the new coaches, farewell to the old and thanks for your contribution.

Now ahead of the JLT:
The following guys i’m open/looking to trade for picks:
L.Hodge (B)
S.Wright (B)
N.Jones ©
B.Deledio ©
J.Melksham (F)
D.Armitage (F/C)
P.Wright (F)
J.Ceglar (R/F)

Would also consider players in a trade.


Hi mate, just checking if this happened?


All picks/players up for grabs from me, and in need of a good ruckman as I currently have none on my list and would prefer younger players/picks in return.

More attractive players up for grabs:
Marc Muphy ©
Jack Steven ©
Ben Cunnington ©
Pearce Hanley (B)
Mitch Wallis (FC)
Ben Brown (F)
Adam Saad (B)
Jason Johanisen (B)


OK so I’ve gone through my list and mainly nailed down who I’m keeping and who’s likely to be delisted. Some decent young talent in the delistings that I’ll let go for pick upgrades.

If you want someone from my keeper list it will only happen if I think I’m getting an upgrade on that player back, happy to do 2 for 1 trades in that scenario (a player going to be delisted + my keeper for upgrade on that keeper) and obviously happy for picks to be involved too.

If you’re interested in anything, PM me.


Forward Avg. Centre Avg. Back Avg. Ruck Avg.
Tom McDonald (F) 91 Clayton Oliver © 109 Jack Crisp (B) 88 Max Gawn ® 111
Kyle Langford (FC) 80 Adam Treloar © 109 Jayden Short (B) 87 Ben McEvoy ® 87
Josh Caddy (F) 80 Ed Langdon © 89 Bailey Williams (B) 80
Anthony Mcd-Tip (F) 65 Luke Shuey © 87 Brodie Smith (B) 78
Will Setterfield (FC) 0 Brayden Sier © 76 Nick Vlastuin (B) 73
Jed Anderson © 76 Ryan Clarke (B) 70
Dom Sheed © 75

Likely Delistees:

Name Avg.
Darcy Fogarty (F) 42
Braydon Preuss ® 0
Jordan Cunico © 72
Tom Liberatore © 72
Dean Kent (F) 58
Jordan Dawson © 67
Luke Brown (B) 62
Jason Castagna (F) 55
Cam McCarthy (F) 49

Obviously varying quality for those delistees and I’m still trying to figure out a way to hang on to Fogarty :slight_smile:


Really regret my decision to delist Bailey Williams last year.


Apologies - I think I started the process and got distracted trying to lockdown the 18th coach to replace WOB.


really nice looking squad!


Alex Witherden BRL B
Nathan Wilson FRE B
Nick Haynes GWS B
Ed Richards WBD B
Dylan Roberton STK B
Hunter Clark STK B
Lachie Neale BRL C
Lachie Hunter WBD C
Angus Brayshaw MEL C
Bradley Hill FRE C
Travis Boak PTA F
Jack Ziebell NTH F
Patrick Dangerfield GEE F,C
Isaac Heeney SYD F,C
David Mundy FRE F,C
Zac Fisher CAR F,C
Tom Hickey WCE R
Rory Lobb FRE R,F

2 Keepers, rest delisted:
Ben Jacobs NTH C
Brandon Ellis RIC B
Lewis Jetta WCE B
Callum Ah Chee GCS B,F
Nakia Cockatoo GEE F
Jayden Hunt MEL B
Phil Davis GWS B
Matt de Boer GWS F
Shaun Atley NTH F
Jack Watts PTA F
Daniel Lloyd GWS F
Will Walker NTH F


you’d have to be a tit to delist Jack Watts.


Thanks :slight_smile: Feeling reasonably optimistic about the upcoming season.


Excellent squad, birchy.

That ruck division is obscene in this comp!


ok so question from a newby.

After we have selected our 20 keepers our draft comes from delisted players and new 2019 AFL players? is that correct?




ok two more daft questions.

Is this comp the same as Fogdogs FF league thread where you pay 20 bucks?

Also…umm…how do I find my team?


Similar, but different, no fee for our league and no cash prize for winning :). Also some variations in rules and positions.


This is the link to the current squads.


Invites to UF have gone out. @Crazy_Bomber and @Laverde2Langford I have PMed you both with a link - I will still need your email addresses for issuing the spreadsheet prior to the draft