BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


He has really transformed his body shape and fitness, which should obviously help him get to more contests. More importantly, I’m hoping it translates to less hamstring problems, as he shouldn’t be as fatigued. I also think he’d be a prime beneficiary of the 6/6/6 rule, less congestion to work in. I was quite worried his jlt2 performance would kill any chance of getting through to me.

He’s a risky pick, but I think clearly in WC best 22 if fit.


Very happy to get Sparrow! Had him top 15 on my list. Now have him in both leagues.


Good get.

And damn you! :grinning:


7 picks until I’m up again. Not sure where to go.

Waiting for @Crazy_Bomber to take one off my list!


Neither of the King boys taken. Show’s how little we respect KPP.

With the 6/6/6 rule they may be back in vogue soon.


Everyones online except for Crazy Bomber who’s turn it is.

CB when is your next work break? It’s every 4 hours at Maccas right?


If it makes you feel any better, whilst he didn’t do much playing as a forward on the weekend. He earnt the game on the back of being one of Brisbane’s best in the NEAFL the week prior.


and away we go.


@Stoops is up


Pick made. Gone with big Archie Smith. Possibly slightly too early, but I think he would’ve been gone by my next pick which is in the 100s.

Hoping that will lock up my ruck stocks for the next 5 years as my side like the Lions will transition from Stef Martin through to Smith.


@fogdog your pick.


Perfect pick for you. The handcuff.



Like the ed Phillips selection


Done so its back with @saladin


the ever-tempting hyphen.


Welcome back, George.

Had decided it was he or Armitage. @Aceman made that decision for me, then it was a case of waiting a few more selections.

Wasn’t sure if I should have delisted him, Minor ankle injury from what I can tell, should get games at GC and I think can score 80-odd. Gives me some C depth to keep Acres etc in the forward half, may need him during Wards absence whilst Rowbottom learns his craft in the Neafl.

Doubted that he’d get through another round of picks.


@comebackhirdy is up.


@Birch19 is up again


Been sitting at the top of the auto ratings for a long time.