BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Good job getting through 2 full rounds today so far - 20% of the way there already.


I guess bargey wasn’t a huge draft fan??


He loaded up for another flag last year. The team won the flag in 2015 and 2017, but was beaten by a far superior team in the 2018 Grand Final!


Slightly more than WOB. But only slightly, lol


Don’t mind the Darcy Moore pick.

If he gets his body right and takes the kick-ins he could score well.



You up


Yeh he looked good today. Not sure if he would have been there by my next pick


Thought McLennan was getting through to me, sadly not to be!


@Birch19 you up

My mids are a looking a little shakey with injury/youth/form so wanted someone in the right age group with a bit of up side but with good odds of not being a donut. Bastinac has been in and out of the side but his jlt and neafl numbers are respectable and the young lions midfield feels like it is about to click. Hopefully it clicks for bastinac too.


Actually wow, bastinac is about 4 years older than I thought. Might have flubbed that one. Should have taken most improved, David Myers.


Was never gonna pass me if he was still there, rebounding back in a crap team.


We done for the day?


Looks like it. Birch is showing as online on the draft page but it’s been like that for quite a while.


@No_5 is up, if still up. If that makes sense.


@comebackhirdy is up and i’m off to bed.


I considered both Cunningham and Riolo over my last two picks. The desire for another C probably squeezed Rioli out and Cuningham and Watson was basically a coin toss.

Looking at Cuningham’s numbers today I’m not sure I got that call right. Rioli’s game last night was off the charts for him, hope he has a few more of them for you @saladin


Good luck with the draft folks!

@The_Ant sorry about that squad, you’ve had to keep players I’d forgotten I even had. The plight of the rebuilding team I guess. You were a top four team two of the last three years though!


Back to you @Birch19


Up again @Aceman


I hadn’t realised a boy band member had nominated for the draft. Well spotted, @The_Ant