BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


@comebackhirdy is up


Now it’s @TrevorBix again.

Btw Dtd, you need to put the underscores in my username otherwise it sends a notification to the other comebackhirdy. I’m usually around anyway though, have been practically glued to my phone for the last two days


Ok, the auto complete doesn’t give that option but i will do it manually. Cheers.


If you can’t beat them - join them!


Not sure the other comebackhirdy is coming back - last seen 2007!


Bomber_Fitz probably declared CBH will never work on Blitz again.




Well done to all on the draft progress so far. Over 80 picks in two days is very solid work.


You’re up @Aceman


Myself and aceman done, @wezza texted.


On it thanks mate.


you’re up @fogdog


Assuming it makes it to my pick, I probably won’t select until about 10am Melb time.


I’ve made my pick.

@TrevorBix you’re up.


Are No.5 and Sal sharing Watts?



Sorry about the ignorance, but what is a utility player?


We had 5/7/5/1 positions, but CD very tough on granting ‘C’ players, so dropped the number of C’s required to 6 and went back to a Utility spot.

This spot can be filled by any position (back,centre,ruck or forward)

It’s hoped we get less donuts because of it.