BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


One for each boob - given Watts seems to love them.


Changed my mind about 4 times just then, lol.


good pick though.

What were the other 3?


Logue, Ambrose and Dylan Buckley.

Wonder if they’ll slip through?


@Birch19 - your move


How many do we have on our lists?

Is it 30?


Yes. Plus two LTI’s if applicable


Have started my wrk draft today - a non keepers league. Credit to all the dual coaches it’s a lot to keep track of 2 drafts at once!


this is tougher because you are sifting through discards and new draftees.


Yep definitely more skill to this. Happy to brag that I won both comps last year. My work league will be very tough this year. It’s a 18 team comp which drafts in order. So I just had my first pick at 15 (new comers go to the bottom of the draft pile) and my next pick isn’t until 33. Makes it super tough with ruckman in particular.


Lets hope @Birch19 gets hungry soon so he can step away from his paid job and take his last pick in the draft.

I’m in and out of meetings over the next few hours but I shouldnt be far away when my next pick comes up.


You’re up @Laverde2Langford


And back over to @Aceman




■■■■■■■■. I was just about to leave work.


Just pick Tom Bugg and be done with it.


2 picks to go. Have only one player in mind. Fingers are crossed.


you’re up @fogdog


Best of luck with Birchall. Spent the year on my list last year without getting close to even playing a game.


Always feel a little ill when drafting a Collingwood player.

You’re up @Crazy_Bomber