BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Acres and Atley both survived EIC cuts, so at least I’ll have 18 and a spare or two.

Need massive games from my Essendon lads.


Far too many under performers at the Bulls at the moment. Looks like we are suffering a horrible premiership hangover. Saracens look home unless Macrae pulls out a 180 score.


Awful week for my lot


Changes to emergencies made.

My team in all sorts.


Marshall and Steele smashed the final game to get me home for a very decent win.

My forward dilemma continues though. This week I incorrectly left Atley on the bench rather than Acres and it cost me 60-odd points.

Still, a win over the reigning premier is very nice indeed.

Oh, and Rozee 121 in his third game?! Goodness me.

Sorry Red.


who is Laverde2Langford again? Leaving Hogan on the bench (71 last week) and going with Tarryn Thomas (51 on debut) and Cam McArthy (ugh) was an interesting choice?


Looking around the League, the @wezza steamroller is cranking up. Great score, mate.


And the winner by unanimous decision annnnnnd…STILL undefeated and undisputed champion!


Fc Medina on the board


This game remains extremely frustrating when you could have matched up against 11 other teams and got a win.

Too good for me this week @Aceman


Knights of Columbus are very efficient. Looks like they’ll sit 3rd with the 4th lowest points tally!


BBFFL#2 Round 3 Results
redbull 1370 Lost to saladin 1452
Don to Death 1285 Lost to Come Back Hirdy 1433
Birch19 1271 Lost to No. 5 1407
Wezza 1675 Defeated The Melkman 1437
Crazy Bomber 1237 Defeated maxx 1168
Stoops 1205 Lost to Ivan 1253
TrevorBix 1288 Defeated Laverde2Langford 1211
The Ant 1244 Defeated Fogdog 1035
cafegerat 1387 Lost to Aceman 1479


BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 3





Looked at your non playing players today. A fit 14 would easily out score the 18 you are having to play with at the moment. Horrible run of injuries. One win from 6 from the squads that played off in last season’s grand final.


Crazy has some amazing luck with matchups so far!




Not sure what else I can do either as I’ve hit the FA market hard and it’s all just rubbish to fill gaps.


You know my pain in league 1 now!


I’ll raise you that pain in L1.