BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


I just hope nobody thinks I’m taking this comp any less seriously.


I doubt it. Everyone knows that with a dozen or more players out even the best lists become extremely vulnerable. If we draft well, then the FA pool becomes very barren.


Not at all mate.


Everyone always knew Bargey’s team was a one man team. It just took Tom Mitchell breaking his leg to prove it. Your timing was just very unfortunate.


Has anyone gone from wooden spoon to undefeated premier in one season? Because it’s happening.


The squad you have inherited always had some talent. It just needed some love and care. Maybe its a perfect match.


@saladin can I please place Kobe Mutch on the LTI list? Report has him missing up to 12 weeks.


I can’t wait to win my first game. I’m a couple of years being competitive though. Got nothing but up and comers in the midfield.


FWIW, Sal wants LTI reqs in a PM.


Thats just the commissioner making the rules up and bending procedures to suit his own agenda as he goes along. Nothing to see here


PM sent and approved (well in private!).


I think that’s a back hander. I’m not sure though.

With my list I didn’t expect to be 2-1. I’m sure my streak will be short lived.


Position changes for round 3:



Well that doesn’t help me at all!!

Also don’t forget to PM me any Free Agent requests for players playing Thursday night. Cut off will be 3pm Melbourne time on Thursday.

Edited: thanks @Birch19


Atley is a nice DP pickup. Useful given some doubt over Francis this week.

Tough decisions to be made if Ward, Ross, GHS and Bonar all get named.


I presume that should be players playing on Thursday night :stuck_out_tongue:


There is one player named to play tonight for which 3 coaches put in a RFA claim. The coach successful in claiming for Justin McInerney is @The_Melkman. McInerney will be added to The Melkman’s squad and the RFA order adjusted accordingly. A player also needs to be cut.


BBFFL#2 - Rounds 1 to 3 2019 - Observations

Aceman has stated the season with 3 straight wins. Last year in his first season as a BBFFL#2 coach he managed to win the first 15 straight games. His 3 wins to start 2019 reverses the fact he lost his last 3 matches in 2018, including going out in straights sets in the finals. In Round 1 this year Aceman scored a new record low score of 1191, going lower than the 1246 he scored in Round 17 2018. The record low for this team in its history remains 1189 scored in Round 11 2012 under previous and original coach @smooth

Birch19 suffered his first defeat for the season in Round 3. This came off the back of setting a new team high score of 1625 in Round 2. This bettered his previous high score of 1556 scored way back in Round 14 2012. The loss in Round 3 means that only once (2012) has Birch19 started the season with 3 straight wins. By scoring over 1600 Birch19 became the 14th BBFFL#2 coach to achieve this feat. The record for this achievement belongs to Smooth who managed it 21 times. Of the remaining coaches who commenced in the competition back in 2012 only TrevorBix remains without a 1600 plus score.

After making the preliminary final in 2018 Cafegerat’s 2019 has not started in spectacular fashion. After just managing to get over the line in Round 1, the team has lost the last two matches. The last consecutive losses for the team came in Rounds 13 and 14 last year. This is the 3rd time in 6 seasons as a BBFFL#2 coach that cafegerat has had a 1 win 2 loss record after Round 3, having also had the same record in 2014 and 2015. In 2016 it was 3 losses to start the year and in 2017 and 2018 it was 2 wins from 3.

Come Back Hirdy has stated the year with 2 wins and 1 loss from 3 matches again in 2019. This is the 5th straight season he has gone into round 4 with a 2-1 record. Over this period CBH has made the finals in both 2015 and 2017, meaning he will be looking to continue the pattern of making the finals in the odd years.

Crazy Bomber has started his BBFFL#2 coaching career with 3 straight wins. The team that Crazy Bomber inherited only managed 1 win for 2018 under the coaching of @Vandrs (and Jave for the first 3 weeks). The only other current coaches to have started their coaching stints with 3 straight wins are Aceman, Birch19 and The Melkman. These 3 wins were achieved despite having only achieved the 16th, 16th and 14th highest scores of all coaches in the respective rounds, with his opponents having record the lowest score for the round in Round 1 and the second lowest score in both Rounds 2 and 3.

Don to Death has started the year with 3 defeats on the trot. This is the first time as a BBFFL#2 coach that Don to Death has started with 3 losses. A reversal of fortunes will be required to ensure finals are not missed for the 2nd straight year, something which has only previously occurred in 2015 and 2016.

Fogdog’s introduction to the BBFFL#2 coaching ranks has been a very tough one. The team has suffered 2 straight defeats and is only managing to average 1083 per week. In 3 games coached Fogdog has ended with scores in the 1000s twice, while the previous coach @Bargey only had 1 score in 147 matches lower than 1100 – 1019 in Round 17 2014. In 2018 Bargey averaged 1427 across the season. Prior to this season the current coaches to have started their BBFFL#2 coaching career with 3 straight losses were Come Back Hirdy, Ivan, Saladin and TrevorBix. This season Laverde2Langford and Maxx have also failed to win any of their first 3 matches.

In Round 1 Ivan scored his second highest BBFFL#2 score. His score of 1356 is only behind the 1480 he scored in Round 6 2017. Like 2018 Ivan has started the year with 1 win from 3 matches. This round he will be looking for back to back wins for only the 2nd time, having won in Rounds 7 and 8 2018.

@Laverde2Langford’s BBFFL#2 hasn’t had the best start with 2 straight defeats. His team, previously coached by @51Bewick , last lost 3 on the trot from Round 5 to Round 13 2017. This was one of 3 times that 51 Bewick had a run of 9 straight losses, also suffering the same feat from Round 10 to Round 18 in 2012 and Round 1 to Round 9 2013. As coach 51 Bewick started the 2013 and 2017 with 3 straight losses.

@Maxx has also started off his BBFFL#2 coaching career with 3 losses. Taking over the squad from @westozziebomber was always going to involve some short term pain. In 2018 the squad only managed 2 victories – book ending the season by winning in Rounds 1 and 19. The positive thing at this early stage is that the team’s scoring average is up by 149 points, increasing from 1014 to 1163.

No 5 scored his 3rd highest ever BBFFL#2 score in Round 1 2019. His score of 1607 only ranks behind his record score of 1658 from Round 7 2015 and the 1608 scored in Round 2 2014. After Round 3 2019, No 5’s Round 1 score of 1607 is the 73rd highest BBFFL#2 score achieved.

Redbull has started the season with just one win from the first 3 matches. The consecutive losses in Rounds 2 and 3 were the first time since Rounds 15 to 18 in 2016 that Redbull had lost 2 or more matches on the trot. The loss to Come Back Hirdy in Round 2 ended the longest winning streak in BBFFL#2 history at 23 wins Round 1 2018 to Round 1 2019. Redbull’s score of 1370 in Round 3 was the lowest score for the team since Round 18 2016 when 1254 was scored. From Round 9 2017 to the 2018 Grand Final Redbull did not score below 1400.

Saladin has achieved a 2 win 1 loss start to the year for the second time in what is now his 6th season as a BBFFL#2 coach. He previously had this start in 2017. His Round 3 victory over Redbull was Saladin’s 100th BBFFL#2 match. Over his first 100 games he has won 44 times, including 1 victory from 2 finals played.

Stoops started the season in good form by winning the first two and dropping the Round 3 match against Ivan. The two previous BBFFL#2 seasons where Stoops has gone WWL has resulted in a finals appearance. In 2012 he made it all the way to the Grand Final before going down to Westozziebomber, while in 2014 he lost a Semi Final to eventual premier Smooth.

@The_Ant has started to season with 2 wins from 3 which is a solid performance given the team he inherited from Eggs went the last 9 games in 2018 without a win. Average wise the team is performing in line with 2018 – 1247 in 2019 vs 1252 in 2018. In 7 seasons as a BBFFL#2 coach, Eggs was 2 from 3 on 4 occasions – 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017.

The Melkman has started the season with 3 scores over 1400. Despite his scores, he has only managed 1 win from these 3 matches. It is only the 2nd time as a BBFFL#2 coach that The Melkman has started the year with 3 scores of 1400 and above. He previously achieved this feat in 2014. Of the current coaches the Melkman has recorded the most 1400 plus scores – 83 – just one more than Wezza, Former coaches in Bargey 94 and Smooth 85 still lead the way.

TrevorBix has won two on the trot after dropping his season opener. If he can salute in Round 4 it will equal his longest winning streak of 3 matches which he has achieved 4 times previously. Incidentally two of these 3 game winning streaks have been from Round 2 to 4 in the last 2 seasons. He also won 3 straight from Round 8 to 10 in both 2014 and 2016.

Wezza is looking to make 2019 really count. After going out at the preliminary final stage for the last 3 seasons he will be keen to break his Grand Final duck. In 7 complete BBFFL#2 seasons Wezza has made the finals on 6 occasions – only missing in 2014. In Round 3 Wezza scored 1675 which is his 3rd highest BBFFL#2 score, behind only 1702 in Round 17 2018 and 1679 in Round 7 2017. In 2019 the 1675 is the highest score so far and is the 30th highest BBFFL#2 score overall.


Everyone keeps bringing up how I’ve been winning with low scores, no one has brought up the fact I played 3 short in both my first two games and STILL the undefeated champion and will be until the end of time.


I laid the foundations for this