BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Yes, it’s one of the weird twists in this game, lol. I hope everyone’s Don’s players tonne up every week.


And to think I almost dropped Tippa this week. What a game.


Made a big mistake delisting Ellis.


I’m quite happy with his addition to my team…


Wish you had!




All bench amendments made.


Cripps massive game and Wards injury will see DtD get home for a good win. Good job mate.


And you’ve got another one.

Menegola scoring 37 and Powell off with concussion after scoring just 18 sums my round up…

However, kudos as the streak continues!


One to watch in my final scores, Geary is counting as an on field player even though a late out, should get Mirra’s score instead


I should from here but not for certain yet.

Bad luck beat you, not my team.


Steele and Marshall have to defend a 9 point lead against 4.

I think I need a multi goal last term to be any chance.

More importantly, I’ll find some solace if St Kilda beat hawthorn!!


Yep noted. I moved Mirra up. UF usually adjusts these post match. I will keep an eye on it.


Went down by 16. Closer finish than I expected. Congrats, Dtd, scored over 1400 which will usually give you a good chance, so definitely well earnt.

Ward injury is going to hurt, hard to cover a 95 average across a full season.

Beams back next week will help. And Acres looked better today so there’s another option. And Wards replacement at GWS may well be Bonar, which would help us.

Plus, Jack Ross - pick 167 in the draft - looks very capable for a midfield infant.

My scoring is holding up ok despite a few difficulties, and in fact would have beaten 11 other sides this round.

Dust ourselves off and move on to next week.


BBFFL#2 Round 4 Results

redbull 1300 Lost to Birch19 1408
Don to Death 1406 Defeated saladin 1392
Come Back Hirdy 1360 Lost to Aceman 1463
Wezza 1519 Defeated No. 5 1402
Crazy Bomber 1381 Defeated The Melkman 1247
Stoops 1341 Defeated maxx 1265
TrevorBix 1178 Lost to Ivan 1413
The Ant 1294 Lost to Laverde2Langford 1346
cafegerat 1391 Defeated Fogdog 1344

Note there may be some late adjustments.


BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 4



premiership hangover in progress.


@Laverde2Langford great win mate.

To be honest I was cocky and played like it. I saw myself in the top 8 but we got ahead of ourselves.


Yep it has reached crisis point. There is no way I will be competitive against your mob next week. So it will be a 1-4 start and a long way back. Nearly the entire team has gone backwards scoring wise. Doesn’t help having the following sitting on the sidelines for various reasons:

-B Gibbs
-Z Tuohy
-T Cutler
-M Kreuzer
-A Neal-Bullen
-L Shiels
-S Selwood
-D Wells


Thought I was going to have a really strong team this year but some of my strong performers are out of form. Hopefully that’ll turn around soon. Encouraging signs from Tom McDonald this week.

Still blown away by that Tippa game… a secure like round 1 or 2 and @redbull probably wins this one