BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion




Good game.

Have the emergency rules changed? Robertson was my first name defender emergency but it had pulled in a C instead. Does this have something to do with the utility being a D and getting dragged over there? Weird. Annoying because of Robertson comes in as emergency I break 1500 for the first time.

Anyway pretty sure it is a pb so can’t complain


This is a disaster…Cousins wtf were you doing?



You will get Robertsons score when Red does the manual update.


Well seasons over for me, rebuild time.


Oh sweet, over 1500 then. Woo!

Break out game for the young squad


Sorry guys - on a beach in the Philippines. Will do bench amendments shortly.


I’m absolutely gutted. Akin to kicking 20.13 and getting beaten.

Break out games for some young stars.

We will have a couple of cans together, regroup and be back in a couple of days.


Emergencies should be all fixed now.




Yeah. The only early one i didnt nail was banfield


Fourth highest score in the comp doesn’t get me a win. Bugger.

Congrats to the Fyfers


Bad luck sal. Took my highest score in a very long time to beat you!


I had intended to take Constable at 19 but panic picked a Carlton spots defender instead. Still annoyed with myself.

Banfield was the right call at the time and a big jlt


All good mate. I’ve enjoyed watching your list build, nice to see it paying off.


Took him a year to get a look in but he and worpel look like awesome picks in the 20-30 range

Also picked liam Ryan (handy) and last time i looked jamie macmillan was still scoring well

Good draft


This loss is worse than when Collingwood won a premiership.


Very happy with my squad this week, the kind of performance I was hoping to produce on a semi-regular basis. No massive scores (unlike my 1600 a few weeks ago) just very solid pretty much across the board. Hopefully something that will continue


I’m both flattered and insulted