BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


For full disclosure, I’ve put Hannebery on the ‘long-term absolutely cooked’ list, so I’ve picked up a player without delisting anyone.


Great game by Sam Gray :stuck_out_tongue:


Assuming that is the same list on which Harley Bennell has lived on the last few seasons.


Can you please thank Jack Ziebel for his Good Friday charity. Unfortunately it still won’t be enough to let me make a contest of it. Yeo and Lyons struggled to 100 together whereas in 2018 you could almost bank them for 200 combined points each week.


Brad Hill getting tagged by De Boer today, so likely another low scorer on my team.


They look to be cancelling each other out.


Walters has decided to extract his digit and is finally doing something


It appears young Jordan Dawson may be ‘breaking out’. Following up 93 with a juicy tonne this week.

Nice to see higgens papley and Cunningham all getting more midfield time toO. Now please don’t rush to take their forward/back status UF


Actually one more touch from higgens and this tigers Swans game will be a 4 tonne game


He got a promotion this week - he took the wing vacated by McInerney. Slowly moving closer to his probable long-term inside mid role.


Reckon my drafting last year looks good. Brayshaw, worpel, tabener, constable are all proving great picks


He also rolled back to be the spare, which helps his possession tally too.


Constable was about 20 right?


He’s a lovely kick and a good size. I thought Kennedy replacement originally but is starting to look more like an Andrew embly.


Assuming the emergencies come in after the final game I’m on track for a new PB here


Get on the Bulls for the spoon. Milera now gone for a while. About the only player to have actually improved this year. Getting to 1300 each week now becoming a pipe dream.


Hmm. Looks like 1493 isn’t going to be enough for the win. That’s a tad harsh. I’m expecting T Kelly and Morrison to manage 120. If I’d gone with Ballard over Marchbank I’d have been a better chance.


@ivan 1450 Vs 1452 with a qtr to go.

First off I never thought I would score 1450 this season.
Secondly if I did I didn’t think I would lose.


28 point lead with a quarter to go. Just need GAJ to better Roughy


The steak is over :frowning: I lost by 1 fcking point!