BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


This is useless info that I just realised but currently my team consists of:

TOM Langdon
TOM Stewart
THOMas Cole
Adam TOMlinson
TOM Bellchambers
TOM Hawkins
TOM Doedee
TOM Campbell
TOMmy Sheridan

I think it’s only fair to now send me all your TOMs.


Nah, I’m not travelling that well either, Ace. Marshall withdrawal has put the heat on Rowbottom.

Gonna be close I reckon.


Coniglio on track for 240…



I was averaging 100 after the first 7 players played. My first W for the season was a certainty.

Now I’ll be lucky to get to 1200 with Franklin the latest casualty.

I’ll have 4 donuts this week.

Only 14 of the 32 on my list are playing.


Sheesh. I just realised that UF has Rowbottom as a C only, so I’m one short after Marshall not playing.

Ace will probably need roughly 100 from Ablett to win. Doable.

Edit: Walters slowed down in the last. Gaz needs to score 116 for Ace to win. He scored 110 last week. Nail biting finish awaits.


Geez my backline was having some kind of week, shame Ryan Clarke had to ruin it.


I’ve told my team if they don’t win then don’t bother coming to training this week.


Hopefully you won’t be seeing any of them on the track this week.


All emergencies amended. If there is any late late changes to the Eagles/Cats match I will amend later today. Just about to catch a flight back to Singapore from Manila.

Go Bulls!


Ace will win this easily. Gaz is racking them up.

I can’t catch a break this season so far.

Very frustrated.


I wish I had your bad luck…


Going to fall short I think


Gaz needs 24 in the last. Reckon he gets it unless rested.


Well done @Ivan too good for me.

My team is bog average so far this season. Apart from Tom Stewart, everyone else has gone backwards.


Rested a bit unfortunately. Screw you Chris Scott you muppet





Seeing the team trudge in after their second straight loss by under 40


We are back baby!!


Poor coaching to not put Hickey on field :smirk: