BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Very unlucky mate. I saw him pick up a few points early in the last and wrote it off as a lost cause, not bothering to check back until after the game.

Important win to sneak in, because decent scoring hasn’t been translating to wins.


BBFFL#2 Round 6 Results
redbull 1406 Defeated Crazy Bomber 1367
Don to Death 1268 Lost to Wezza 1677
Come Back Hirdy 1429 Lost to Birch19 1538
saladin 1376 Defeated Aceman 1369
Stoops 1078 Lost to No. 5 1499
TrevorBix 1269 Lost to The Melkman 1452
The Ant 1400 Defeated maxx 1208
cafegerat 1276 Lost to Ivan 1322
Fogdog 1252 Lost to Laverde2Langford 1384


BBFFL#2 Ladder after Round 6



Excellent seasons from @Birch19, @No_5 and @wezza so far. Looking forward to being knocked out of the eight next week by wez


@wezza starting to resemble the @redbull juggernaut of last season. Going Too Need my forward line to sort itself out to compete, very happy with another 1500 score though :grin:


peaking way too early.


Hit a new high of 1400 points this week.

I’ve told my team that’s the new benchmark.


So as we are now back to Friday night games to kick rounds off, I have changed the league settings on UF for deadlines to:

  • lineup changes
  • weekly list changes

back to Friday night. This is back to what we have typically used with Friday night games.

The effect of this, is for anyone who has been making changes to their team on Saturdays you will be unable to do this from now on (except in weeks where we have Thursday/Monday games)


Not having Thursday games makes free agency a lot simpler as well.


Also I’m assuming UF will release new position changes this week. If Jayden Hunt doesn’t get forward status I will seriously consider taking the power to decide positions off CD/UF. Or alternatively just consign him to the free agent pool where he belongs.


How about Ebert.

Played every game as a forward and was even spoken about as getting an F by the guide put out by UF, then they don’t give it to him :rofl:


Thank you for mentioning a fantasy relevant player


Only round 6 but Saracens are scoring at +60 compared to our 2018 average. Not bad considering nothing from Ward at all, and an injury or two ruining a couple of weekly scores. Hopefully that continues and maybe even gets a little better.

May 1 Ben Ainsworth GC - C,F Added C
May 1 Bayley Fritsch ME - B,C Added B
May 1 Matt De Boer GWS - C,F Added C
May 1 Brad Ebert PA - C,F Added F
May 1 Jackson Thurlow SY - B,C Added B
May 1 Lachie Whitfield GWS - B,C Added C
May 1 Jack Billings SK - C,F Added C
May 1 Jayden Hunt ME - B,F Added F
May 1 Sydney Stack RI - B,C Added B
May 1 Zak Jones SY - B,C Added C
May 1 Jeremy Finlayson GWS - B,F Added F



Nice, bit more coverage for my backline with Stack getting a B.


Really like the look of Birchy’s lineup.

UF predicts I won’t get within 140 of his lads, but I think it could be a ripper of a contest. Need to overcome a 60 point average differential but I think that’s do-able on a given week. Fantasia and Rowan Marshall back from illness will help, assuming they play.


Thought I might be able to sneak Fox without burning my priority. Silly. Instead we welcome another alumnus, liam Jones, back to the list


Lots of activity on the RFA overnight. Good to see!


not one centre available!