BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Sucks more for Essendon, I’ve thought Fanta our most important player for a couple of years. I’ll happily lose in FF if we can get a win at the G.


Both my Geelong players are late outs. Will remove any conflict while watching the game.


All emergency adjustments made.


Best score for my team in ages!

Good to see Stef Martin finally back amongst the points.


Well done @Come_Back_Hirdy too good. That Danger score sunk me bad.


Was given an absolute football lesson this week by @The_Melkman

Well played sir.



Yeah, I was very lucky with Dangerfield being hampered and a few of your other guns being well down on their averages. Would have preferred that Danger’s injury had helped Essendon get over the line but I’ll take this win


Too good, @Birch19 . Well done mate.


Cheers mate. Going to have to do something about that forward line though.


BBFFL#2 Round 7 Results

redbull 1501 Defeated Stoops 1266
Don to Death 1426 Defeated Crazy Bomber 1389
Come Back Hirdy 1438 Defeated Wezza 1416
saladin 1384 Lost to Birch19 1545
TrevorBix 1234 Lost to No. 5 1321
The Ant 1211 Lost to The Melkman 1576
cafegerat 1312 Defeated maxx 1094
Fogdog 1212 Lost to Ivan 1307
Laverde2Langford 1063 Lost to Aceman 1298


BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 7



I’ve had a super start to the year but the injuries are starting to pile up.


3 losses in a row under 40 points…I’m done.


Not sure what you did quicker - build up your expectations or blow them away.


BBFFL#2 Round 8 Preview
redbull (11) vs TrevorBix (13)
UF Prediction: redbull 1267 TrevorBix 1392
Head to Head: redbull 4 TrevorBix 3
Last time: redbull 1701 Defeated TrevorBix 1192 Round 14 2018
Form: redbull LLLWW TrevorBix WLWLL
Last week: redbull 1501 TrevorBix 1234
Season Average: redbull 1369 TrevorBix 1260

Don to Death (15) vs Stoops (14)
UF Prediction: Don to Death 1315 Stoops 1219
Head to Head: Don to Death 3 Stoops 7
Last time: Don to Death 1442 Lost to Stoops 1489 Round 8 2018
Form: Don to Death LWLLW Stoops LWLLL
Last week: Don to Death 1426 Stoops 1266
Season Average: Don to Death 1317 Stoops 1254

Come Back Hirdy (6) vs Crazy Bomber (9)
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1455 Crazy Bomber 1299
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Come Back Hirdy WLWLW Crazy Bomber WWLLL
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1438 Crazy Bomber 1389
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1435 Crazy Bomber 1302

saladin (10) vs Wezza (1)
UF Prediction: saladin 1455 Wezza 1549
Head to Head: saladin 1 Wezza 4
Last time: saladin 1373 Lost to Wezza 1395 Round 13 2018
Form: saladin WLLWL Wezza WWWWL
Last week: saladin 1384 Wezza 1416
Season Average: saladin 1399 Wezza 1540

Birch19 (2) vs Aceman (3)
UF Prediction: Birch19 1515 Aceman 1463
Head to Head: Birch19 0 Aceman 1
Last time: Birch19 1227 Lost to Aceman 1398 Round 7 2018
Form: Birch19 LWWWW Aceman WWWLW
Last week: Birch19 1545 Aceman 1298
Season Average: Birch19 1478 Aceman 1372

The Ant (12) vs No. 5 (4)
UF Prediction: The Ant 1364 No. 5 1418
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: The Ant WLLWL No. 5 WLWWW
Last week: The Ant 1211 No. 5 1321
Season Average: The Ant 1304 No. 5 1440

Fogdog (17) vs maxx (18)
UF Prediction: Fogdog 1168 maxx 1070
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Fogdog LLLLL maxx LLLLL
Last week: Fogdog 1212 maxx 1094
Season Average: Fogdog 1196 maxx 1181

Laverde2Langford (16) vs Ivan (5)
UF Prediction: Laverde2Langford 929 Ivan 1295
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Laverde2Langford LWLWL Ivan WWWWW
Last week: Laverde2Langford 1063 Ivan 1307
Season Average: Laverde2Langford 1213 Ivan 1332

Match of the Round
cafegerat (8) vs The Melkman (7)
UF Prediction: cafegerat 1404 The Melkman 1452
Head to Head: cafegerat 0 The Melkman 6
Last time: cafegerat 1325 Lost to The Melkman 1466 Round 5 2018
Form: cafegerat LWWLW The Melkman LLWWW
Last week: cafegerat 1312 The Melkman 1576
Season Average: cafegerat 1318 The Melkman 1422

Some absolute cracking matchups this weekend. Any number of the matches could have taken the Match of the Round billing. One of @fogdog or @Maxx will break their BBFFL#2 duck this weekend.


For those that may be concerned about the progress of my team this season and my efforts or contribution to the league, I can assure you all I am going above and beyond to make this team competitive.

Some perspective…

I currently have 16 players out of the 32 on my list unavailable to play this week. Of the 16 that were named, two of them are on the extended bench. I potentially will play 4 short.

It’s round 8 and I’ve already made 14 changes through FA, which I’m guessing is close to a record.

The problem in this league which unless you’re a cellar dweller you wouldn’t appreciate, is that each week you can only top up with 40-50 averaging spuds. This is because anyone that comes onto the market that is half decent gets snapped up by a coach that doesn’t regularly utilize FA cause they’re side doesn’t need it!!

Now I’m in a position where I have to consider dropping a keeper, or potential future FF gun to pick up one of the leftover fodder that will improve my side by 35 points.

I don’t enjoy losing, but I wouldn’t imagine many sides would win without all of:

Tom Mitchell
Taylor Adams
Sam Jacobs
Alex Rance
Lance Franklin
Richard Douglas
Jack Riewoldt
Tom Jonas
Tom Barrass
Aaron Young
Jarryd Roughead
Lachie Henderson

Then I have Mosquito and Golds who I believe will end up as FF gold one day.

Leaving me Lukas Webb as my only FA option to drop yet I brought him in a couple of weeks ago as he’s on the verge of a recall after dominating in the VFL.

More than willing for anyone to suggest how I could be doing a better job!


Can’t speak for anyone else, but I wasn’t concerned in the slightest. Sometimes you just get screwed.


Yep, pure bad luck , Fog.

At full strength, your list is more than competitive. And no one can cover for 50% of the list being unavailable. You won’t find any rumblings or disgruntled talk from other coaches about how you’re travelling, imo.


Some game by oliver, balances out the monster Grundy game.


Marchbank finally finds some scoring form and I leave him on the bench, lol.

Giving the Wez juggernaut a run for his money, though.