BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Geez I love Mitch Robinson ATM :grinning:


You’re going to roll me.

Season is collapsing already!


Welcome to my season. Bulls look likely to suffer the indignity of losing to @TrevorBix


All emergencies updated



Should go OS more often, about time these pelicans pulled their finger out :rofl:


Pretty bad week by my mob.


I think I’m about to get a top 4 scalp.


The Ross injury really made it difficult, but we’ve hung on to topple Wez. Crucial result for our season.

Not a great score, but with Beams sidelined and in-game injury, we’ll gladly take the win.


Well deserved win. It got tight in the end, but didnt deserve the win with the Ross injury.


Lost by 8 points with a -1 from Bailey. That hurts


Fogtrotters break their duck!



UF yet to include Ben Reid’s 50 points in my score - given Selwood’s late late withdrawal. This means we have found a way to limp over the line against Bix by 15 points.


Lachie foggarty with a decent 114 point return in his return to the vfl after injury. First game for the year. Geez given the injuries piling up getting him back in would be a real boost.

Brodie with another casual 117 in the neafl. Fark you Stewart dew.


BBFFL#2 Round 8 Results
redbull 1319 Defeated TrevorBix 1304
Don to Death 1326 Defeated Stoops 1314
Come Back Hirdy 1288 Lost to Crazy Bomber 1486
saladin 1347 Defeated Wezza 1336
Birch19 1493 Lost to Aceman 1633
The Ant 1450 Defeated No. 5 1378
cafegerat 1377 Lost to The Melkman 1491
Fogdog 1210 Defeated maxx 1151
Laverde2Langford 959 Lost to Ivan 1096


BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 8



Well done on moving up into the top 4. Doing Pazza proud!


I’m flattered by that position if you look at the total points but the list is certainly coming together. Think injuries are going to make for a tough couple of months ahead and I expect to be well an truly in the top 10 come draft time next year


Making my run now…

Can’t believe my first W came with just 15 players playing.


Congrats @aceman very nice score for the week. My mob were awful, final score flatters thanks to Oliver’s 160.

Nice to have Caddy finally find some form and Stack continues to be a good pickup.