BBFFL #2 Completed Trades 2016/2017 Preseason

Eggs trades Aaron Vandenberg, 1st, 2nd & 7th rounders
to The Melkman for Kieren Jack, Daniel Wells, 9th & 10th rounders.

Saladin trades

Corey Ellis and pick 113




Pick 75.

Mmmm. Jack, Daniel.

Finest Tennessee. …

The Melkman trades David Mundy
to wezza for 1st rounder.

Westozziebomber trades daniel menzel, 1st and 2nd picks

To stoops for

Jordan lewis, nick dal santo and a 5th round pick

Eggs trades Will Langford


Pazza for Shane Savage.

Hey Red,

Is it Possible to get current squads posted for trade period ease?

Hey Red,

Is it Possible to get current squads posted for trade period ease?

I will get something out tomorrow. UF have made it is bit more work but I need to do it for bye weeks anyway.

Eggs trades Tim Membrey, Charlie Curnow and Jack Hannath


Cafegerat for Jack Riewoldt and 8th round pick

Saladin trades Round 5 draft pick


Cafegarat for Caleb Marchbank.

I trade my 4th to melk for courtenay dempsey

I trade my 6th to paz for matty stokes

All trades posted should be accurate in UF

Bargey comes through in week -1 of the trade period:

Come Back Hirdy trades Bachar Houli and my 7th round pick
To Bargey for Dean Kent, Jackson Ramsay, and his 1st round pick

I’ve delisted Fraser McInnes to make way for the extra player

One last minute deal to get me back in Contention (and completely remove me from any meaningful draft picks next year).

The Melkman gets
Cory Gregson + 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Round Picks

Bargey gets
Ryan Griffen + Eggs’ 7th, 7th, 8th & 9th Round Picks

Bumping and thread title changed.

Redbull Trades Mitch Wallis, Jamie Elliott and Pick 100


Silly Billy for Picks 4 and 40

Let the games begin!

Interesting trade.

Don to Death trades Allen Christensen


The Melkman for picks 21 and 34