Ben King

If I recall correctly, this bloke will be out of contract end of 2022. And assuming we do obtain another first round pick this year if Merrett decides to move on, this guy has to be a serious consideration in 2022.

Without knowing the quality of the 2023 draft, maybe we don’t on trade our first round 2022 pick, that we could consider trading this year based on the Davey boys etc and similar to Collingwood and Daicos, and package up the 2022 and potentially 2023 first round to potentially obtain King. Would fit our age demographic.

thats foo far ahead, we’re still working through was not getting dunkley the right or wrong call for now.

Why would Ben King wanna come here?


Yeah it is, I just don’t foresee any real short term success, looking into the future is where it all is for us.

Literally, absolutely, completely 100% NO CHANCE of getting Ben King.

Don’t even think about it.

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Considering the number of talls we’ve drafted, can’t see us trading for another tall.

Tall mids. Small defender. Small forward. Wing.

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Why the ■■■■ would any talented young player want to come to Essendon?

How would you like the same job with the same pay but you get September off every year?

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I believe X is after his cousin Wayne.

Rumours are,he has faster twitch fibres.


He has sticky mitts



Rather keep our valuable picks to sp unk on mids and develop the talls we drafted last year.

Ben is the one at GC?
Absolutely zero chance he leaves there to come to us.

Going to be a star that one

Gold Coast have the better King?

I doubt we will be ready to part with 2 × first rounders ever.

This whole thread is predicated on the unfounded fear that Zach Merrett will move on. It won’t happen. Go and look at him singing the song after thrashing the Aints, and tell me he’s any chance of walking out.

He’s acting captain now; he’ll be made permanent captain next year. I’d put my house on it.

Why would we need Ben King anyway ? Concentrate on Dunkley for next year.

Eyre > Both King brothers anyway.

I don’t want the King Brothers. Neither can kick. Would be like having Daniher again…frustrating as fark!

Ben King is a better set shot than Joe.

Low bar is set very low.


Ben has kicked 28.13 this year. That’s not terrible.


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