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Not sure. Never been worried about any Hard drives to the point I wanted to destroy them.

Not necessarily. If you want a mechanical hdd wiped, you ideally want all platters smashed up.

SSD microwave may work. But its safer to zero wipe and smash up.

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you don’t deserve your job


or leave a massive magnet on your laptop and get surprised when it doesn’t work.

It is a long time since I read the offical Defence data destruction instructions (handling of no longer needed copies of classified data etc.) but I am pretty certain than pouring petrol on a computer and setting it on fire was not an approved method.

(It is not a guaranteed way to render magnetic storage completely unrecoverable as I understand, if someone has the patience and motivation to do so.)

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Sometimes you gotta realise that either elite combat army units exist for guys like BRS, or they are designed to create them.

Chicken and egg and all that.

It’s not an excuse, it’s merely a reason.


Hate the game, not the player.


Got me wondering how sulphuric acid would go now.

Surely that would damage the things to the point of unreadable.

laptop burn



Where do I find the option for that in Windows 98SE?

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Sounds like an excuse Eddie would concoct for some Steele Sidebottom type shenanigans.


IT boffins hate him. Delete your personal data from a laptop with this one simple trick.


We’ve both watched enough Mr Robot to know how to destroy a hard drive.


His previous method of disposing highly sensitive national security information was simply to bury it in his backyard. So you have to give him credit for at least trying something new.

Not a sus ■■■■ at all.


Depending on how the court case goes. It could be to shoot…

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Christian Porter’s son could teach him some tricks on how to delete footprints on a mobile.


A lad who worked for me in the UK ‘accidentally’ downloaded a lot of ■■■■ on his work laptop. Solution: He ‘accidentally’ left it behind his car while packing the boot after work and reversed over it… a few times.


Depends on what you have in the shed at the time.

HCL and a bit of Nitric instead of Sulphuric seems the go.

YouTuber NurdRage is here to help. In his latest video , the voice-modulated scientist shows us what will happen to a hard drive when placed in hydrochloric and nitric acids. Hydrochloric acid is nasty stuff. It’s the reason why your stomach lining has to be replaced every few days. It will get through most materials. The strong acid makes short work of the hard drive motor and casing, but the platter remained intact. So NurdRage decided to put the platter in both hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. The former handled the aluminum in the platter and the latter erased the thin film of data from the disk. Problem solved.


This is a bit simplistic.

RS is the outlier.