Ben Roberts-Smith Laptop Repair Service

Can’t find a thread about him and all the SAS shenanigans etc

But this is worthy of comment

Now own up people, who hasn’t poured petrol on their laptops at least once in the past decade?


It was the old, opened his laptop and walked to the wrong servo and spilled petrol on it and lit it on fire. Who hasn’t done that.


Don’t intelligence agencies put their hard rivers in radioactive waste so they can’t be retrieved?

Not denying what he has or hasn’t done (haven’t followed this story at all)

BRS is such an amateur

I was about to start a thread about this…wow…

Just like he got a private investigator to tail his girlfriend when she was getting a termination. I mean - doesn’t every bloke do that?


The bloke does seem a total nutter

Like instead of unscrewing a few screws on the back and taking the HDD out … I’ll burn the entire freakin laptop (not just once but 3 of them over the past decade)



I cut mine up with my diamond saw, then burn them.

so many questions …

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A drill bit through multiple sections and a hammer would have been an easier option. What a moron.

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Not sure if it’s just a TV/Movie trope, but doesn’t putting them in a microwave on high for a minute or 2 do the job?

I just save EVERYTHING on the dashboard.

The IT team Farkin hate it!

(Is the hard drive connected to the dashboard? I have NFI)

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For real?

Is there an easier way ?

works a treat if you don’t like your microwave


The method the real crooks use is just to punch a hole in the HDD platters using a power drill. When you then try to start the drive up the platters just spin themselves apart.

Edit: and they also microwave the DRAM, ROM and BIOs chips for good measure.

Setting fire to a laptop might not actually make the HDD unrecoverable. Sometimes some material can still be recovered but it takes serious $

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Not sure if serious?

IT team hates it as it’s a ■■■■ and unsecure location to save anything.

Yes it is connected to the hard drive almost everything is except the OS kernel and battery memory


Well, there’s plenty of old MW’s around,… or new ones for $50 bucks, so if you are that keen to destroy them …

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Lol, of course serious.

They’ve since created a way for things to be stored ‘in the cloud’ for me, so we both win.

Computer is slow AF though