Ben Simmons


Hmm. Guess we could play TBell in the forward pocket. Not sure we could fit him in salary cap, because he would be the whole cap. :slight_smile:

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Rookie B selection is outside the salary cap.


I like it. Thinking outside the box

76’s excited about the prospect of Ricky Dyson arriving in super trade.



the Rookie B recruitment process will be scrapped the year he wants to join Essendon.

Only GWS, Gold Coast and Hawthorn will be able to recruit players outside of the main list… everyone else must enter the draft.


Couldn’t kick worse than half our list.

Would struggle at AFL level without a jump shot.


Hmmm, Ben Simmons or surf pool redevelopment?

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Played ok junior footy. It’s possible. Say 27 or 28 does a Jordan and walks away from hoops for year or two.

Go home Ben Simmons- you’re dunk.

At 27 or 28 in his prime, he’ll walk away from a $30mil per year contract to play footy for $200k?
Once he’s 35, broken and can no longer get a minimum contract in the NBA, then he’ll consider it. It’ll be too late by then though.


He can have a year as a 35 yo rookie no problems. Would generate a lot of publicity.


Most improved - Simmo.


I see your point, but reckon he’d be on a fair bit more than 200K with AFL, marketing prop ups etc

He’d absolutely love being able to grab the ball out of the ruck now. All he would need to do is be able to handball effectively and he’d be a clearance machine.

Ok, so under the Alternative Talent rules (different to the category B rules), we could take on his current NBA salary of ~$6m entirely outside the cap. However each senior game he played would cost us 120k of cap space (calculated as his annual salary divided by 52, according to the AFL formula) including the standard 5k match payment.

The specific rule is:

To be designated an Alternative Talent a Player must qualify under Rule 10.5(a)
and must have played at senior level in a Recognised Elite Sporting Competition.

Of course, there’s no definition anywhere of what constitutes a “Recognised Elite Sporting Competition” but if the NRL counts I’d guess the NBA would.

Side note: this tells us that the Folau/Hunt deals which existed under this rule were structured such that even if they played every round of the year, approximately 60% of their salary remained entirely outside the cap because nobody can actually play 52 games per season. That’s ignoring any “football ambassador” ■■■■ that they also got.

Edit: I tell a lie they define Recognised Elite Sporting Competition as

an elite sporting competition including, but not limited to NRL, NBL, Super 15 SANZAR, Sheffield Shield, Olympic Games, ALeague, NCAA, or other elite sporting competition as approved by the AFL from time to

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Any chance the NBA gets shut down for a year. A strike or a lockout, who cares?, just do it.

don’t think he’d do it for the money

reckon it’s fulfilling a red and black dream