Benzina is coming

the last 2 years have been nothing compared to this controversy.

Droop The Sash?

Not worth me causing devastation over a one off jumper that smacks of Adidas being gimmicky and annoying.
All that is ever needed is like what we have always done successfully in the past, just classy subtle commemoration…an Anzac day yearly logo on the right shoulder of our awesome symbolic normal jumper.
The tight red sash that crosses the heart must ALWAYS remain untouched and do just that…CROSS THE HEART! = TIGHT! The current board needs to understand this, and put it in the constitution.
They understood this even as far back as 1911… Adidas you liar!

Adidas you watching this? Cause i’m watching you.

P.S. Post Edited due to the next post which beat me to the button and didn’t allow me enough time. Feeling like a cigarette now for some reason.

this climax is taking a while.

Nearly doon…

While this one off sash sag was not nearly as droopy & saggy as that other abomination of 09’-10’, it still reflected our sloppy crap performance accurately today.
F**K Adidas marketing,& did the EFC board forget!!!.. Leave the tight and powerful sash alone! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!..Just a classy Anzac day Logo on the right shoulder with the subtle names for the fallen inside the black body of the garment, AND THATS IT!

Ugliest Essendon top ever.

needed more seat belt