Best 22 2019 - Round 1


The old “we’re all … fans, it’s just an opinion”

The defence of the clueless nuffie.

Laverde over Zaharakis indeed… :rofl:


Finished 5th in the B&F in what people described as a below average.

Nek minit not a lock for best 22. Just blitz things.


Walla gets a free pass for 15 years because of that collar pop


Heppel and Shiel not locks either… Casualised workforce, gig economy, jobs aren’t safe. Bottom 10% of our best 22 cut every year. The new world order.


20 of our best 22 pretty much picks itself.

Francis Hooker Saad
Gleeson Hurley McKenna
McGrath Heppell Zaharakis
Fantasia Daniher Smith
Walla Stringer
Tbell Shiel Merrett

Langford Myers Parish

The last two spots are up for grabs.

Good spot to be in. Genuine competition for the last couple of spots. Genuine depth across most lines, maybe small forward stocks the exception.


Would do anything to be shirts off.


Callum Moore, Zaine Cordy…


Yeah nah.


Same people would be saying similar things about Colyer.

And yet even though he was contracted we just gave him away for a half eaten packet of twisties, he was just going to be depth next year as per Ambrose.

Ambrose has played a role in past but he’s not going to be picked ahead of Hooker, Hurley & now Francis (who was close to our best player in final two games of season).


Silly wim.


Cant get the rig out innit


You might be saying that he could potentially be a key forward in a premiership but Moore wasn’t a part of the 2017 flag fwiw.


He’ll be in for select roles i think. I wonder if they will try him as a defensive forward again?


I reckon walla is fairly overated, goes missing big time in games and only seems to come on when we are pumping teams




Good thing you’re not on match committee then.


Hooker may play forward for Ambrose.


A lot of people have Smith on the forward flank. Isn’t that one of the reasons he left GWS in the first place? Bloke won our BnF playing majority midfield minutes. With starting positions in next year, he isn’t starting on the forward flank.


Amazing. Every word of what you just said, is wrong.

Cheers for giving me the opportunity to use that quote.


Barring injury, Hooker will not play forward again.