Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I’ll stand by them all.

I’d like Walla suspicion to be false. I thought his form waivered a few times throughout the year.

saying all of that hes one of our best kicks of the footy. just needs to find the pill a touch more.


It’s a ■■■■■■ good team!

I honestly see 18 blokes who COULD be All-Australian level at some point over the next 3-4 years.

B: Aaron Francis - Michael Hurley - Adam Saad
HB: Connor McKenna - Cale Hooker - Martin Gleeson
C: David Zaharakis - Dyson Heppell © - Andrew McGrath
HF: Devon Smith - Joe Daniher - Jake Stringer
F: Orazio Fantasia - Shaun McKernan - Anthony McD-Tipungwuti

R: Tom Bellchambers - Dylan Shiel - Zac Merrett (vc)

Int: Darcy Parish - Kyle Langford - David Myers - Mark Baguley

Emg: Laverde, Guelfi, Brown


I still find it hard to believe a team with Smack at Full Forward could ever win a flag.


Well a team with Shane Ellen did.


Didn’t Tipungwuti just come 5th in the BnF? He is a lock.


good team
good to see SMACK in it
there is still a draft ahead and we may find a another hidden gem


I still find it hard to believe that Cameron Mooney and Shane Edwards are All-Australians.


All jokes aside, it will be fascinating to see how the forward line structures at the start of next year. All of McKernan, Brown, Stewart have reasonable claims to be the 2nd KPF…and that’s not even factoring in whether JD will be fit or not by then.


I reckon you’ve got it pretty spot on. The bench spots are interesting but I’d say Parish is set.
Langford or Myers (inside mid role). Baguley or Begley (forward role). Redman or Guelfi (Back/Wing role).

I’d take Langers, Redman and then Begley if he’s firing in the JLT.

It seems a bit silly given he only played 1 & 3/4 games but Redman looked absolutely ready to play the Goddard back/wing role next year. I’m predicting a huge year for him if he can stay fit.


Dude, sorry this is a mile off. He’s the best kick to aleading player in the side. He’s elite in the comp for forward 50 pressure. He’s more than just a little handy in congestion.

And he pops his collar like a boss.

You take that back


But we aren’t talking about a week to week game. Talking about best 22. What you would want ignoring the opposition.


One thing I’ve taken from reading this thread is that we have serious, serious talent on the list now

If we don’t win a final next year, worsfold should be sacked. No if, buts or maybe’s, this team simply cannot NOT be successful next year



B: Ridley, Ambrose, Zerk-Thatcher
HB: Gleeson, Hooker, McKenna
C: Langford, Merrett, Redman
HF: Guelfi, Brown, Long
F: Laverde, McKernan, Fantasia
R: Bellchambers, Heppell, Smith
IC: Houlahan, Mutch


B: Dea, Hartley, McNiece
HB: Francis, Hurley, Saad
C: Parish, Myers, Zaharakis
HF: Begley, Stewart, McDonald Tippungwuti
F: Baguley, Daniher, Stringer
R: Draper, Shiel, McGrath
IC: Leuenberger, Mynott


Not a lot of Mitch Brown love in here. I’d happily take him as one of my tall forwards round one.


Nailed it.


Agree although it also hinges on our forwardline. A fit Daniher and Raz makes a massive difference. Without them we should still make the 8 and perhaps win a final. With them firing we are in flag contention.

Our defense is looking like a fortress, my only concern there is the mobile 200cm forward aka Ben Brown.


Bellchambers not happy.


How do you figure, sports fan?


This thread should be renamed (or subtitled), “Why Shiel chose Essendon”.


Who on earth would Ambrose replace in Hurley, Hooker and Francis down back?

FMD re Walla

Stewart and Laverde yeah maybe