Best 22 2019 - Round 1


HB Line intercepting till the early morn.

B: Saad - Hooker - McKenna
HB: Francis - Hurley - Gleeson
C: Zaharakis - Heppell - McGrath
HF: Fantasia - Daniher - Smith
F: Tippa - McKernan - Stringer

R: TBell - Shiel - Merrett

INT: Langford - Parish - Guelfi - Myers

Emer: Laverde, Bagley, Ambrose, Redman




Don’t rate him


Love Gleeson, but after a year off, no longer in our best 22 IMO, needs to come thru the ressies, will need at least 4 to 6 weeks of game time. Joey D auto in however for those of you that wish to apply the above to the best Fwd in the league.

Also concerned most teams named above have 4 bigs in the backline. Could be exposed for agility another medium, smart, defender with great disposal skills to replace Marty…who should it be?


I see it differently for Stewart and Lav.

Stewart is a key forward, I can’t see us making him into anything else. Yes, he’s pretty mobile for a big guy, but that’s what you need in a KP anyway. I think his form in the VFL late in the year (including his contested marking and leading) showed good progression. I also noted during the finals he was taking quite a few ruck contests in the forward line, and holding his own.

Stewart will have a career as a key position player (he might be able to swing into defence) or not at all.

Lav on the other hand looked more and more like a mid (and a contested mid) in the second half of the season. He had one game at Port Melbourne late in the season where I thought he played like a pretty complete midfielder. If he can stay fit, I’d like to see him operating as a mid who can go forward - maybe rotating with Stringer.


I really rated Redman in the 2 games he played.


B: Gleeson, Hurley, Francis
HB: Saad, Hooker, McKenna
C: Zerrett, Shiel, Smith
HF: Zaka, Daniher, Tippa
F: Stinger, McKernan, Fantasia
R: Beelchambers, Heppell, McGrath
Int: Parish, Myers, Langford, Guelfi


Have to agree with the few here. I think Redman is the one who may have a breakout year. Francis still eligible for rising star?

Lots of pressure for spots. Always good. The guys who are training harder will get rewarded. Not the summer to coast through pre-season.


Nobody seems to rate Begley? I think this kid could be a real gun!


Completely agree with you, think it’ll be Begley vs Baguley for a spot in the fwd line come round 1!


Given he is coming back from a knee I doubt it. He should play some VFL first.


B: Ambrose, Hurley, Francis
HB: Saad, Hooker, McKenna
C: Zerrett, Shiel, Smith
HF: Guelfi, Daniher, Tippa
F: Stringer, McKernan, Fantasia
R: Bellchambers, Heppell, McGrath
Int: Parish, Begley, Langford, Zaka

Gleeson is definitely 1st 22, just probably not ready for Round 1
Zaka is my whipping boy in the team - has taken over from Stanton.


I like it.


I rate him highly.

But the fact he is coming off an ACL, he would have to have the pre-season of all pre-seasons to be in the team for round 1.


Everyone rates Begley. Nobody is looking at the kid and thinking, “I don’t know what Dodoro saw in him.”

It’s a very difficult side to break into at present. And as said above, coming off an injury makes it more difficult for him.


Interesting that no one wants Hooker up forward…I mean, gosh he’s good up there…


Hooker is wonderful up forward, but isn’t the most reliable set shot.

Smack however can kick them from anywhere.

Haven’t checked stats, just my perception.

You can get the ball less, if you can kick straighter, and still end up with the same score.


Parish has to have a big year… Question whether he is going to be elite. Needs to work hard on building up his body. It’s a big year for Zaka as well. What do both get you in a trade scenario alongside the weakest of Ridley, Redman or Gleeson? Not advocating trading anyone but someone may fall out over the next couple of years as we manage salary increases and potentially bring someone else in.


I like Smack, but he had a few good games with two bags of 4 otherwise he was quiet. And he’s an unknown in terms of gelling with Daniher, but we know Hooker/Daniher works, leading patterns and everything else. Smack doesn’t have the contested ability that Hooker does and the one on one strength. Smack goes missing in a lot of games and for me tends to float more up field into what would be Daniher’s space. Smack had a few gold patches against North but I’m not convinced. For me he’s in the same boat with Stewart and Brown for the last spot if Hooker plays back. Take away his two games of 4 goals and he kicked 9 goals in 8 games.

Personally I love Hooker forward, we’d just need Ambrose/Hartley to manage the shutdown role.


Hartley hasn’t made it yet.

Ambrose leaves us lacking height.

But yes, Smack has weaknesses.