Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I quite like Hooker forward in red time.
Not full time, though.


Zaka starts well at beginning of seasons but fades out, needs to be consistant.

It isn’t fitness as he is elite so must be a mental thing, as id injured wouldn’t be played.

He does tend to get ahead of himself a bit also, just keep putting your head down and keep going hard Zaka.

When team plays well he does, would love for him to stand up show more leadership


Like your side, but swap Daniher and McKernan around.

Daniher much better up the ground more mobile and good kick outside 50


Was firing before Nankervis and Conga illegally injured him


Worst 22
Mcniece Hartley Dea
Ridley Zerk Ambrose
Redman Mutch Guelfi
Baguley Stewart Laverde
Houlahan Brown Begley
Draper Myers Clarke
Luey Lavender Mynott Long


Note: This is not a “best 22” per se but how I’d like to see us line up Rd 1.

Gleeson Hooker McKenna
Francis Hurley Saad
McGrath Smith Zaharakis
Walla Daniher Fantasia
Stringer McKernan Laverde

Zach Heppell Bellchambers

Shiel Langford Parish Begley/Ambrose/Redman

Emg (in order): Begley Ambrose Redman Guelfi (Ridley)


  • Perhaps a tad unbalanced, arguably need an Ambrose or Redman in there as a 7th back.
  • I’m assuming Gleeson has a full pre-season and gets through the practice matches well. Happy to give that spot to either he or Ambrose based on whoever is fittest and in the best form in the lead up to Rd 1.
  • Personally I think Begley is a big part of our future but have him spending up to a month in the 2s getting his confidence back and his body right.
  • I think it is a big priority to get Stewart back in the 1s ASAP. I don’t buy into the “he’s a glorified flanker” talk, you’ll note that talk conveniently disappeared for the 4-6 weeks he was in great form 2/3 the way through 2017 (from memory?). Hoping he kicks a few bags in the 2s early and can come in for McKernan.
  • There’s a good chance one or both will play handy roles throughout the season based on injuries but I don’t see Baguley or Myers being overly important unless that happens (which let’s face it - it will). Have been on record that I would have moved Baguley on. But they can slot in if required for injuries. That said - I would still rather turn to the kids if we need someone to come in.


This highlights for me we really are light on for genuine, ready to go, midfields depth. We really need a few guys to really establish themselves as senior footy plug and play mids. It’s probably something we need to target in the draft.

We have a bit of depth and flexibility front and back but we need to sure up the middle.


That view really depends on whether you see Ridley, Laverde and Begley as mids or otherwise.


The talent is there.
They’re just not there yet.

But I’d rather talented kids get that gametime in the 2s to develop than have a dozen Craig Bird types smashing out 30 a week.


Maybe, no, and yes.


Far out, I’d forgotten all about that bloke. A flock of Craig Birds.


True enough but from a depth perspective we really need Clarke and Mutch to be knocking down the door


Not convinced it’s panic stations.

If we’re running at full strength (for mids), by that depth chart we have Guelfi and Myers in the 2s. Two injuries and they’re both in.
Three injuries and we call on one of Clarke/Begley/Mutch (or pick 34, I guess).
Already all 3 of those guys are consistent solid VFL players, and all have shown enough to suggest they’re going to cope in AFL.
Plus there’s Lav, redman and Ridley; all would need something of a re-shuffle, but they can all play.

I think I’d say it’s only an issue if they’re all out of touch. But that’d probably say more about our VFL/development setup than anything.


Guelfi, Mutch.Myers all ready to go

Plus we have plenty of blokes in “best 22” playing in other positions who would go on ball (McGrath, Zaha, even some HFF Fanta, Walla etc) and we would bring in Redman, Laverde etc to cover?


Guelfi Ambrose Hurley

Saad Francis Gleeson

McKenna Shiel Mcg
Tbell Hepp Merrett

Fanta JD Smith

Tippa Hooker Zaka

Parish, Myers, Langford, Ridley



Don’t disagree with that, but we really don’t have any cover for small forwards or half forwards. Backline we’re OK with Redman, Ridley, McNeice.


And left out Stringer by accident, we may have a half decent team


B: Saad - Hooker - McKenna
HB: Francis - Hurley - Redman
C: Zaharakis - Heppell - McGrath
HF: Fantasia - Daniher - Bags
F: Tippa - Stewart - Stringer

R: TBell - Shiel - Merrett

INT: Langford - Parish - Smith - Myers

Smack, Gleeson and Begley should push for spots as they come good from injuries.
Would like to have Guelfi in but I guess he can come in when we need a smaller backline.

Emer: Laverde, Bagley, Ambrose, Redman


Ambrose forward. Chappy out of retirement. Turn the clock back!


B: Francis - Hooker - Gleeson
HB: Saad - Hurley - McKenna
C: Zaharakis - Heppell - McGrath
HF: Fantasia - Daniher - Bags
F: Tippa - McKernan - Stringer

R: TBell - Shiel - Merrett

INT: Langford - Parish - Smith - Myers