Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Probably because they have a few elite mids.
But they lack depth and defensive attributes.
Plus forwardline and defence is getting worse each year.

  1. Show me the median (not average) games played. Retiring Goddard, for example, took an average of 7 games off our entire squad. I’m not too worried that we’ll suffer because Francis is 300 games behind Goddard.

  2. Actual lack of participation in finals could be a concern, sure.

  3. However… have you seen the last few years? Get to the finals, preferably in the top four, and simply show some form. It works.

People under-rate Joe D’s role. Continue to improve our midfield and our overall defensive pressure (seems a reasonable expectation) and get our offensive efficiency anywhere near 2017… the opposition will ■■■■ bricks.


I used to think all players would do better at a new club, sort of similar to a “honeymoon” eg. BJ, Smith, Saad, but that rule came crashing down when Melbournes much beloved #1 draft pick Jack Watts moved to Port Adelaide.


To be fair, he did kick six goals in a preseason game.
Probably figured that was enough.


IMO bags tapered off a fair bit at the tail end of the season. Much like BJ did in 2017. He should play 10 or so games, bags, and that’s it.


Lets see if he get into the team round 1.
Assuming thats the case,
Lets see if he can kick goals, tackle and pressure so that he meets the requirements of his role.
Lets see if any other players are deemed to be better, so they can replace him in the side.


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Really? You think he was better at the Dees. l am going off a small sample size but l think he did improve by going to Port. Incrementally, but a baby step in the right direction. Who knows he might even make it up to a C+ by the time he retires.


FB: Saad Hooker Francis
HB: McKenna Hurley Gleeson
C: Smith Heppell Zaka
R: Belly Shiel Merrett
HF: Stringer JD Fanta
FF: Tippa McKernan Mozz
Int: Parish Myers Langford McGrath


This is best 22 for round one. Not round 23

I’ve had to adjust mine since I had Redman in and Bags twice. (Yes, I know I should have had 2 Sheils or Zerrets.

B: Saad - Hooker - McKenna
HB: Francis - Hurley - Guelfi
C: Zaharakis - Heppell - McGrath
HF: Fantasia - Daniher - Bags
F: Tippa - Stewart - Stringer

R: TBell - Shiel - Merrett

INT: Langford - Parish - Smith - Myers

Gleeson and Begley should push for spots as they come good from injuries.
Guelfi gets in because of Redman. Not the same players I know, but we could use him off HBF.

Emer: Laverde, Ambrose, Smack, Ridley


gwelf ambrose hurley

saad francis gleeson

mckenna hepp mcg

fanta jd stringer

smith hooker tippa

tbell shiel merrett

parish langford myers zaka

ridley redman smack brown bags begley mutch stewart


It’s a fun exercise right now!

B Gleeson Hooker McKenna
HB Francis Hurley Saad
C McGrath Shiel Merrett
HF Fantasia Daniher Stringer
F Tippa Stewart Baguley
R Belllchambers Smith Heppell
I Guelfi Langford Parish Laverde

I’m in the minority in that I reckon Stewart will line up round 1 ahead of Brown and McKernan. But this could easily be wrong if we decide to play a second ruck/forward to support Belly (or if Stewart is crap)


Are you kidding??

In the last game against Port in Adelaide he was one of our best. In absolutely everything and set up at least two goals as well as getting one of his own.


So, in other words, a traditional set-up - smalls = pockets, mid = half flankers, talls = full forward and CHF?

It is interesting to see how the terminology in footy has changed.


I don’t think he did. Seemed pretty consistent to me and i think he played with the same effort and desperation that secured him that spot. He looks very fit. Reckon it will be hard for somebody to knock him out of his spot. He’ll be there all next season then Mozzie slips in the following year. I’m often wrong about these things though.


That could be a premiership winning team. Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


There is no way Hooker will be
playing as a set key forward

Hooker my only go to the
forward line if we are really
up there and even then, it is unlikely


You’ve dropped Zaharakis- controversial call


True! I knew there was someone I missed. I’d probably have him on the bench in that case. Or perhaps in place of Baguley (despite the different roles)


If Gleeson is not training yet, will he make the first round?