Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I’m just shocked that someone other than @chris_64 posted this


I think we established this year that it is quite possible for us to destroy the “second-best” midfield.



Adelaide Ranked as best D, 2nd best F & No 3 Mid?

Stupid list is stupid.


WCE 15th in midfield. Norf 6th.



Ouch, Gold Coast! 18, 18, 18


I think that’s the only one Champion Data got right!


For much of 2018 the VFL team ran too small forward. The numbers of talls was actually about right, but we played four of them back (successfully). Some of them — e.g. Francis — won’t be there in 2019.

If we are forced to play Daniher this year and (perhaps) drop Smack to the VFL, I’ll cope.


More from CD on age and games played …

AFL Age Ladder - Round 1, 2019

Club Average Age Rank Average Games Rank
Hawthorn 24.86 1 80.53 1
Collingwood 24.80 2 78.87 2
Port Adelaide 24.09 7 71.98 3
Adelaide Crows 24.76 3 71.39 4
Geelong Cats 24.34 4 71.13 5
Richmond 23.92 13 70.00 6
Sydney Swans 23.86 15 68.18 7
West Coast 24.00 9 67.82 8
North Melbourne 24.09 6 65.07 9
GWS Giants 23.94 12 61.18 10
Western Bulldogs 24.02 8 60.26 11
Fremantle 23.97 11 59.66 12
Melbourne 23.99 10 59.00 13
St Kilda 23.90 14 56.67 14
Carlton 23.55 16 56.66 15
Brisbane Lions 23.43 17 56.59 16
Essendon 24.11 5 55.38 17
Gold Coast 23.24 18 50.15 18


ATE scooped me on this one. I will try to lift my game.


Anyone else look at that and worry that our experience profile is off the mark for a club hoping to be competitive in finals?


Perfect for a club starting it’s run


well we have drafted a quality small forward in Mosquito.
Although I am not game enough to put him in the round 1 side yet, but would definitely play him to cover any injuries to Fanta, Tippa and Baguley.


We have few things going on.

We have some older very good depth players, that for whatever reason haven’t played a lot of footy. Think Brown, McKernan, Ambrose, Hartley, Stewart.

We have a number of best 22 experienced players that started a bit later than what might have been, or have had injury issues. Think Baguley, Myers, TBC, Walla.

We do have a number of our best 22 that are about to crack that magical 50 games milestone, which is an indication that they have a fair bit of upside. Point here it is a hell of a talented list. Think Langford, Francis, McGrath.

I think our club is probably a bit unusual in its age / games played profile, but I don’t think it will at all hinder us in 2019. My only concern regarding experience is the lack of finals experience.


I’m not sure I’d call Hartley or Stewart older players.


I’d be interested to see average midfield minutes for our best 5 mids.

Curious if Dylan Shiel has a little upside given the competition at GWS.


I think Shiel has as much upside as Smith when he moved over and look how that went!


I think this might be a real surprise, given he has let it be known that this is his first ever full preseason in the AFL, apparently for every year for the past 7 or 8 years.


How is Geelong’s midfield ranked 2nd after last year…


Same way they ranked Jake Lever as the 5th best key defender last year after he did his knee in June.
Their ratings are complete and utter crap.


I think 2+2+2 forward & back will work for us;
ie 2 smalls + 2 midsize + 2 talls
Brown & Joe + stringer & lav + fanta & tippa
Hurls & hooker + francis & ridley + mckenna & saad

I’d be surprised if smack & joe work as a forward line, as I think the defensive pressure & mobility will be low. I don;t think smack can cover the ground that brown does.
Ambrose is defensively very good & would probably play 22 games if fit & in form.