Best 22 2019 - Round 1


A best 22 without players who are injured, isn’t a best 22


Of course it is , the thread is for best 22 for round 1. Why put in players that we know will definititeky not be fit for round 1.
We know Gleeson, Begley, and Redman are all out so why would they be named in a best 22 for round 1 , - makes no sense. Gleeson when fit is a lock, Begley you could argue as well given his standout first year and the number of games he played. Redman has got great wraps and is already being hailed as the best candidate to take over BJ’s spot.


Who said any of those 3 guys are definitely not going to be ready for round 1?


10 of our senior players missing a season wouldnt help this rank either


Only 5 of those guys are left on our list. Even if they’d played 20 games each in 2016 our average games would only be up by about 2.5


wow only 5… that’s crazy to realise how much of our list has turned over…

Hasn’t felt that way at all


Red man has a fractured ankle, Gleeson hasn’t recovered fully and is still in rehab, begley will take the full 12 months and is still in rehab group.

Those 3 are definitely out for round 1


It takes at least 9 months to recover from ACL.

His ACL was in April, so he should be good to go in March if not sooner.


You’re guessing on all 3.
Gleeson and Begley will most likely both be in full training sometime before end of January which still leaves plenty of time to stake a claim for round 1. They’re still able to do plenty of fitness work.

Redman is obviously unlikely for round 1, but we haven’t got confirmation yet of how bad the break is and how long he’s out for.

Edit: having said that, I don’t expect any of them to play AFL round 1. I think they’ll be playing VFL sand will have to work their way into the team


I thought I saw Redman in a moonboot and crutches at training last week. He hobbled into a golf cart. With the conservative approach to ankles I can’t see him playing in the first half of the season tbh. Hope I’m wrong cause I rate him highly.

I didn’t see Gleeson in any training group either. I’m not sure how he is progressing but I have my doubts he’ll be anywhere near reasonable fitness for the first part of the season.

Begs was in the rehab group and stayed on the secondary oval doing pretty much just some straight running. I don’t see him having the appropriate fitness base for round 1 and given he got injured in April he won’t play any preseason matches.

Hope I’m wrong as I rate all 3 players and would have them in my best 22.


No idea if he’ll play early rounds or not, but Begley has been running since late August/early September.


So fitness isn’t going to be an issue. Fair chance he’ll be fitter than ever. It’s just his touch and familiarisation with the game plan that might be an issue


Saad Hooker Francis
McKenna Hurley McGrath
Zaharakis Heppell Ridley
Laverde Daniher Fantasia
Stringer Stewart Tipunwuti

Bellchambers Shield Merrett
Parish Langford Guelfi Myers

I might be in the minority but see the need for McGrath down back if Gleek hasn’t come good by R1. Ridley is too tall to line up down back with Francis/Hooker/Hurley and I like the idea of a tall marking winger.

Preseason permitting I’d like to see 2 Talls (Daniher/Stewart), 2 smalls (Tippa & Raz) and 2 med talls in Lav/Stringer for the forward line. I think our midifeld rotations will could use the String/Lav/Lang rotation for the bigger mids with Raz/Tippa/Merrett/Smith able to rotate as pressure forwards as well.

I would like Parish to have more midfield minutes, he’s done his time on HF and would like to see him rotating inside from the wing with Shield and Hepp. We know what we’ll get from Shiel, it’s guys stepping up like Lang and Parish that’s going to really catapult us up the ladder.

A glaring hole in the above is the lack of ruckman - unless they want to drop Stewart, back in the medium talls to play taller and have TBC and Clarke rotate through the forward line as well. I refuse to be conned into believing in Smack - would be great if Stewart played like someone over 6ft 1.

Lav has really done nothing to suggest he could play midfield or start best 22 however the promise shown in the last game, particularly the first quarter, has me just hoping for his sake more than anything he follows through on the potential we drafted him for.


You may have forgotten Smith


Gleeson is 191
Ridley is 192


I doubt either is that old.


FB: Gleeson Hooker Francis
HB: Saad Hurley Mckenna
C: Zaharakis Heppell Mcgrath
HF: Smith Daniher Fantasia
FF: Tippa McKernan Stringer
R: Bellcho Shiel Merrett

INT: Myers Langford Parish Guelfi


I think Gleeson is in doubt for round 1 still with that injury.

who is leading the pack as replacements, well with Redman also injured.
Ambrose (Francis play a more running role)

or if we reposition MCgrath/Baguley could see the following come in


Looks about right.


I will find a spot for Lav.