Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Ambrose is the definition of average. Him and Hartley should be nowhere near the senior side


Hartley should be dropped if only because it makes Francis hard to pick out ATM.


I’d say on last night, guelfi starts in the VFL


I dunno…it looked to me like he was told to take on the tackler, and not just him.
More than a few times I was thinking, ‘Here’s an idea…how about we try not running directly at our opponents? Might be worth a shot.’

Happy to persevere with him at this stage.


I’d agree unless he seriously turns it around against Geelong, he looked lost last night.


Ridley Hooker Saad
Francis Hurley McKenna
Zaka Heppell McGrath
Smith Smack Stringer
Walla Daniher Fantasia
TBC Shiel Merrett
Brown Myers ?? ??
Who knows, two of - Langford, Laverde, Parish, Guelfi, Baguley, Begley, Redman and Gleeson


I’d reckon bags would be hoping for a better showing too. Was very ordinary


Best 22 post JLT 1

B: Saad Hooker Francis
Hb: Ridley Hurley McKenna
C: Zaka Stringer Merrett
Hf: Laverde McKernan Brown
F: Walla Daniher Fantasia
R: Bellchambers McGrath Shiel
Int: Guelfi (7th def) Heppell Smith Myers

Emg: Parish Langford Baguley

Hoping Langford and Parish have better runs against the cats.


Heppell and Smith on the bench…
Considering we were smashed in clearances and defensive effort, that both have to be in the starting 18.


Not enough bigs


HF Brown Mckernan Stringer
FF Daniher Hooker Stewart


Surely you squeeze Clark in for Stringer.


Don’t worry I got Draper and Clarke on the bench.


B: McKenna Hurley Saad
HB: Francis Hooker Ridley

C: McGrath Heppell Smith
Foll: BChamber Merrett Sheil

HF: Laverde Daniher Walla
F: Fantasia Smack Stringer

B: Parish Zaka Langford Myers

Brown the most unlucky


(Apart from centre clearances):

FF: Joe and Walla camping near the goal square.

empty space

lots of players wandering around the midfield and half-back line.

FB: Francis owning the defensive goal square.


Yeah but on last night half the team should be in the VFL. At least Geulfi had a crack. He deserves his spot more than guys like Parish on that performance.


Laverde and Brown certain starters for Round 1

Brown is just Mr Consistent, works his ■■■■ off and is our best set shot for goal, looks like he should be drinking pints of imported beer on brunswick st with a rollie hanging out of his mouth but he actually makes a very good footballer.

Laverde looks desperate to make an impact, tackles like an animal and he’s a good strong mark and an awkward size for the opposition. He’s also Italian and all good Essendon sides over the last 30 years that have had success have all had Italians in them.


Brown looks like he jumped in a time machine from the 70s. He plays like it too. Love the guy.


Based upon exposed form from a sh1tty JLT game I’d consider bringing in Ridley for Guelfi. Laverde for Parish or Baguley. Brown for McKernan. Fringe players need to take every opportunity … senior blokes might have looked rubbish too, but credits in the bank etc


This could change after Geelong game …

Francis Hooker Saad
McKenna Hurley Ridley
McGrath Heppell Zaharakis
Merrett Brown Tippa
Stringer Daniher Fantasia


Myers Guelfi Baguley Smack

Emg. Laverde Stewart Parish Langford