Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Solid logic.


FF Fantasia Daniher Walla
HF Stringer Mckernan Brown
C Smith, Heppell, Laverde
HB McKenna Hooker Saad
B Mcgrath Hurley Francis

Ruck: Bellchambers, Shiel, Zmerrett.

Bench from:Myers, Langford, Ridley, Ambrose,Parish, next best mid from the twos.


Shiel should be good to go i assume was a corkie to the side of the thigh?


Just above his knee slightly off center. He’ll be fine. They might rest him because it’s only JLT. Same as what they did with Fantasia. If it was a real game he’d definitely play.


I liked his comment after the game “I liked the last qrt”

A bloke that’s not gonna tolerate his team playing like crap.


Haha, yeah he was clearly ■■■■■■ off.


Smith is another one.

There was game last year where he was interviewed after a loss the bloke asked that the team can take some positives but Smith didn’t what a bar of it lols.


He wasn’t actually. No one was. They obviously would have preferred to win, but it was JLT1, and they got what they wanted to out of it (whatever that was) so none of the carry on you see around here.


I don’t think the loss means anything. Results from JLT have never mattered to me and i’m not on panic mode like a lot of people around here. But you can’t tell me Shiel didn’t seem annoyed during that interview. Maybe it was just the fact he had to do it.


Well, he didn’t move down here to join a bunch of low intensity plodders.

Not the best example for him to see.


I notice JD in a lot of sides for Round 1.
He looks a fair way off it to me.
I’d be looking at Rd.4 against Bris (MCG), which would give him a game in the VFL the week before.

That forward dynamic of Smack, Brown & Stringer, along with cameos from Langford/Laverde, + the smalls served us well last year.
Obviously, a 90% (or better) fit JD makes the team, but I don’t see that for a while.


Hang on… He did more than Smack. Why have you got him in there?

I agree he’s a little off but as Shiel said, just blowing out some cobwebs.



I have Laverde in our best 22. Looks primed. Does everyone agree?

There is a lot of ‘OK’ mids on our list. But I think he looks like he has taken a bit of a step up.


He’s not there yet for mine, but he does have the potential to be. I’d like to see he and Begley fighting it out to the death in the VFL mids - winner takes all. For that matter, I’d throw Langford in there too. Mind may be changed next practice game.


B: Francis Hooker Saad
HB: Irish Hurley Ridley
C: Smith Heppell Pidge
HF: Stringer Brown Laverde
F: Walla Joey Raz

R: Belly Shiel Zerrett

INT: Zaka, Langers, Parish, Myers

E: Guelfi, Smack, Bagman

  • Ridley/Redman fighting for the HBF pozzie.
  • Brown in for Smack.
  • Begley to push for a change upon return from injury.


This is probably the best one i’ve seen. Agree that spot is between Ridley/Redman but i’d add Gleeson to that mix when fit. And Begs and Laverde fighting it out.


Thx. I had Marty in my original best 22, but his slow recovery from injury has forced my hand. I also had Begley in, but Harding’s comment at the recent BBQ re: not rushing him back for R1 means that he will have to fight his way back.


Why no smack? Probably don’t need two in the first two rounds based on opposition ruckman.


As I said, Brown replaces him at CHF. Brown has proven consistency & I have him slightly ahead of Smack now. Smack plays if Joey isn’t right for R1.