Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Cameron has been ranging quite far up the wings in pre-season. He is very mobile. Toss -up between Ambo & Hurls - I reckon Ambrose will get the gig.


Couple of tough decisions. It’s a very good list. Hooker straight in for Ambrose when he’s fit.

B: Saad Hurley Ridley
HB: Francis Ambrose McKenna
C: Zaharakis Merrett McGrath
HF: Smith Brown Fantasia
F: Stringer Daniher Walla
R: Bellchambers Heppell Shiel
Bench: Parish Langford Myers Guelfi

Emerg: Smack Baguley Laverde ZClarke


B: Saad Hurley Ridley
HB: Francis Ambrose Heppell
C: Zaharakis Merrett McGrath
HF: Smith Brown Fantasia
F: Stringer Daniher Walla
R: Bellchambers Myers Shiel
Bench: Smack Guelfi Langford McKenna

Notes - Parish based on JLT games doesn’t make the cut for round 1. Also believe we need sufficient back-up for Bellchambers in the ruck and wouldn’t throw Joey in the deep end based on his OP plus it looked like from the games we lacked a bit of aerial support in our forward 50 so I believe Smack would be a good addition. Heppell looked very settled and composed almost like a general off of half back in the Geelong game, can add a bit of leadership and experience down there.


That looks pretty well bang on for me.

I hope JD can find some touch in the first few games. I’d hate to see it drag out for too long like last year.


Our kp defence Hirley and Ambrose would be biggest prob
But we have no one else
I would try Stewart Smack or ZT there but that will not happen


That side would have played better in the JLT lol


Parish instead of Langford.performed better in JLT, better hands than Langers


Oh did Parish play in the JLT?


Pretty sure he played 72% of 43% game time.


Parish probably gets a run round 1 and even for a couple of weeks. But I reckon he’s on notice. He really, really needs to become a consistent, best 22 player this year


I know Brown has continued his good form this year but I just have to include McKernan for his contested work and a BOG last game. It’s round 1 and if anyone’s gonna have white line fever and apply manic pressure it’s Baguley.

B: Saad Hurley Ridley
HB: Francis Ambrose McKenna
C: Zaharakis Merrett McGrath
HF: Smith Daniher Fantasia
F: Stringer McKernan Walla
R: Bellchambers Heppell Shiel
Bench: Parish Langford Myers Baguley

Emerg: Brown Guelfi Laverde

Guelfi unlucky. Parish, Langford, McKernan, Baguley the most under the pump to perform otherwise will be dropped for Laverde, Guelfi, Brown.


I reckon this will be it also

Frustrating for Smack that JD is needing to play a closer to goal role out of necessity given short of a gallop. Because IMO the Smack at FF & JD at CHF duo is how it should be.

But until JD can run like we need from our CHF Brown has to do it and he has shown can do it adequately.

Only if then really IMO is whether they prefer to put Baguley in, giving TIPPA & Raz more freedom up ground and in mids mix and drop Parish


A lot will depend on Hurley and probably Ambrose standing up for most of the entire game. TBC will need to drift in defence to give them a hand.
Our players will have freshened up and be fully focused and will hopefully get us over the line
A win is so important for our moral!
Go bombers


I want:

FB: Saad - Ambrose - Francis
HB: McKenna - Hurley - Ridley
C: McGrath - Shiel - Heppell
R: Zerrett - Bellchambers - Langford
HF: Laverde - Brown - Walla
FF: Stringer - Daniher - Fantasia
I/C: Parish - Zaharakis - Smith - Myers

Hooker replaces Ambrose as soon as humanly possible and I’d love for Begley and Redman to demand spots when fit. If Ridley keeps up his form, Gleeson may find it difficult to get back in. Possibly McKernan for Brown if you wanted JD to avoid ruckwork.


I agree with this one. Feel back for Smack but he’ll probably get 10 games anyway.

We need continued pressure for spots. There will be 1 - 4 players not in this team that will be best 22 by year end. Injury and form will see them get chances. It will be interesting to see who steps up and who slides out.


Yep. This.


I am amazed that several “experts” have left Smack out.
Many forget he got them going last year after the horrid 2 - 6 start when we were gone
At the very least we need his mongrel


Spot on. He was the player that fired us off in 2018. He’d get the nod ahead of Brown in my team.


This looks pretty good to me. I have no string opinion in the McKernan vs Brown debate. I think it’s determined as much by how they want to play Daniher as much as either players individual form


So you are saying there is nothing tying you to Brown or McKernan?