Best 22 2019 - Round 1


We’re talking about Toby Greene, right?
193.5cm half-tank Francis on live-wire cunning small forward running machine Toby Greene?
I guess Fletch played on Betts.


Francis has the agility for mine, agree may be a question on endurance though. Again who you got going to green? and who you got francis going to in that forwardline?


I’d have McKenna or Saad on Greene. When he gets thrown into the mid mix he can be made accountable by one of the smaller fwd/mids - Smith/Walla/Pidge. I think the world of Francis, but don’t think it’s a great match up for us.


Not a fan of Ambrose. Hope BZT gets to start.


McKenna on Greene.
Induct him into the OO section and put him on Greene.


Fletch played on Phil Matera in 2004 and kept him to five kicks, but he was special.

Phil did…uh, kick three goals from those five kicks…


Yeah, I’d start Irish on Greene. If Greene starts running amok, I’m not averse to having Pidge sent back there.


He won’t.
Can you imagine?


I don’t mind McKenna on greene actually but i worry about greene and his leap and strength in the air. Also whos the other option for francis? I think gws forwardline is Cameron, himmleberg, greene, daniels, deboer, lloyd maybe?. Of those 4 smalls i think greene is the only aerial threat.


Francis on Himmelberg.
Better height match-up.
Easier to drift off.


If Toby is too much for Oirish in the air, Saad may be the swap. Both Saad & McGrath are excellent spoilers.


I know I’m old school, but I would have thought a simple, ‘you don’t let this ■■■■ get off the ground, ever’ would do the trick.


Who you got hurley on?


Hurley would be my first choice for Cameron.
Ambrose also matches him for height, but…I really don’t rate Ambrose.
I don’t see him going with him in the air at all.
If Cameron wants to run outside the fifty then good luck to him. That’s a win to Hurley as far as I’m concerned.
HAP mocked me for calling Ambrose a back pocket.
shrugs I really kind of think he is.


I actually reckon Ambrose has a few good match ups in the comp and Cameron is one of them. Will wear him like a glove and Cameron isn’t really a pack mark so i think should be alright.


Well, I’d certainly like to see that.
I think he has better match-ups in the next three rounds.


I understand you are suggesting Deck that Gleeson will be back playing in 3-4 weeks, but if he hasn’t got full movement back in his ankle he may just be a vfl player. Last we heard from him was that something doesn’t feel right but they don’t know what is restricting his movement. Do we know if he now has full movement?

Kelly didn’t play last night so he will at least be underdone in 2 weeks. Hopper hasn’t played a preseason game either for Giants??


GWS regularly drop a third tall into their forward line.
Couldn’t be bothered backtracking my previous posts to remember his name, but 194cm. Takes some of their relief ruck work. Plays tall HFF like Stewart.
GWS look to create a mismatch with him, and by playing Greene on a small defender who can’t match him in the air,
So Francis would be switching from tall to mid/small depending on the situation.
Ideally though Franga starts hot, and GWS are forced to defend on him.


GWS look weak in terms of inside mids. Coniglio is super, but it falls away quickly with Ward out. Taranto looks OK. he is only 20. Hopper is 22. TBell should edge out Simpson who is not so good around the ground.


Just going on what I’ve seen man, no info you haven’t got I don’t think.