Best 22 - Round 1 next year

This is not a best 22 that will win us round 1… but this is a best 22 that will take us to our next premiership. 2 very very different things.

B: Redman - BZT - Hurley
HB: Francis - Ridley - Smith
C: Ham - McGrath - Langford
HF: First rd pick - Stewart - Laverde
F: Stringer - Jones - Tippa
R: Draper - Parish - Merrett

INT: Shiel - Heppell - Guelfi - Snelling

Doesn’t look great does it. Message is… play the kids. Get games into our first pick straight away. Get someone like Baily Smith, Connor Rozee that can play straight away, and just pump games into them.

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Dev Smith hbf?

We recruited a small forward to play midfield only to plonk him on hbf?

Not having a dig btw as i know he played there in 2020 but i find it crazy

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Changes from team v melb:

Out: daniher, saad, cutler and gleek
In: francis, ham, jones, 1st round pick

We need to do more

Way too early for this

Come back after trade period ends, going to be a lot of list changes


We need some hardness and experience to play down there.

Redman, Ridley, Franga and Zerk are all under 40 odd games, and (at times) have all had moments where they’ve dropped their heads.

Especially when you consider no Saad, no McKenna, probably no Hooker, and possibly no Gleek there.

Good lord.

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Lol. Hurn came to mind and I just went on the AFL site only to see that Hurn has just signed on for another year with the Eagles. I can’t think of who else would be perfect - I am not sure about Tarrent, a good defender who had very little success with Norf.

Hookers cooked? I think he might be required in our forward line post Joe and Smack.



Guelfi, I believe has returned to W.A. Scrub him out. It has been reported that Smith is exploring his options.

Don’t know why him going to WA is seen as unusual

Most players from interstate would go back to their families once season is over, even more so if hadnt seen them for 6mths +

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Gulefi apparently asked for a trade back to W.A.

BZT? God help us.

Please put this topic on hold.
My depression looking at our best 22 atm from our current list is exacerbating.

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None of those players will be alive, let alone playing, when (or if) Essendon with another premiership.

I call that BS. If so, why did the club give him a contract extension AND why did he accept said extension?